The Yogi Christmas Gift Guide

the yogi gift guideWith everyone’s favourite festive season drawing near, are you furrowing your brows over what to get for that one yogi friend who spend as much time on the mat as they do at home? Fret-not, ‘cus we have done the shopping for you with our yogi gift guide, Yes, yoga is about having the right state of body and mind, and to nutrify that, you can never give the quality gears a miss. Here’s our top picks and it could probably be something your yoga-loving girlfriend (or guy) could wish for!

1. Yoga Paws
Skip those flimsy yoga towel that probably still fumble at times. Secure your friend on the mat and let them fully concentrate on their practice with our choice of reliable for yogis – Yoga Paws. With the solid traction and grip, they can be sure to stay in place at downward dog with a non-slip peace of mind.

2. Infinity Stretch Strap
Want to help your yogi friend build strength and flexibility to deepen their practice? The Infinity Stretch Strap would be our perfect answer. Available in brilliant neon colours as well, it will be a sure win to brighten up their practice.

3. Leggings/Sports bras
Who doesn’t love a new outfit? Choose and match a striking combination from our wide range of apparels; from fitted tops that keeps one safely covered in inversions, to printed fun leggings that flawlessly hug the legs for a strong and confident movement with every breath.

4. Yoga Mat
Have your devoted yogi friend been practising for some time, and it’s probably time for a change of mat? After all, there’s never “too much” or “too many” in a yogi’s dictionary. Choose from our wide range of mats, from our premium rubber or cock mats, designed to be extremely grippy regardless of the sweat level, to travel mats that’s non-bulky and can seamlessly sit in a tote bag.

5. Yoga Wheel
It is definitely more than just a wheel. Your yogi friend will be grateful to you, for all the tightness alleviation in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors. With this handy prop, backends are just a matter of time.

*Available in-stores only.

6. Gift Card
With all things yogi-related in a shop, a gift card is the least gauche gift ever! Get your yogi friend his/her passport to a shopping paradise at Vivre physical stores or online at With our Vivre Gift Card, you can save yourself the headache, and let your friend get what they really want, anytime, from our wide variety of apparels, and accessories.

*Physical gift cards are available for purchase in-stores.

Whoever you’re shopping for, our Gift Guide has something you would not want your yogi friend to miss out on. Feel free to frolic around when you’re at our Vivre stores, and oh, don’t forget to say hi!