Apparels Review: Joyce Ng

I think I’ve been doing a pretty swell job of keeping onto of my 2015 resolutions thus far… But still too early to say, it’s barely past February! Have been conscientious with my plans to hit the gym and weekly runs, save for last week which was CNY week. Hahaha. In my defense, I still did a 5.4km run at the park just right next to my house even though I didn’t manage to visit the gym.

I was really happy when Sylvia of emailed me earlier and told me she would love to send some sportswear over to me.  Eagerly ripped my parcel apart when I received it and am happy to report here that I love all the 4 items I picked!


Linked it up for you to save you the hassle! I heard from Sylvia that this is selling really fast. Grab yours quick!Sizing wise, I’m a UK6 and wears Size S for this tank top perfectly. Material is really stretchy and it comes with an in-built bra to provide maximum support for your workouts.Honestly super impressed by the fit and choice of fabrics (I have this secret workaholic habit of checking out fabrics on all kinds of apparels) for their manufactured pieces. Can’t wait to feature the rest of the pieces I’ve picked, and of course to wear them for my workouts!

All texts and images are extracted from Joyce’s blog: apparels review