Active Power Grip Yoga Towel

AUD 60.00

The name says it all. Our new Active Power Grip Towel gives you the additional security you need during your asana practice.

Sweaty palms and feet? Great, because the quick dry microfiber surface renders extra traction when it comes into contact with moisture!

Afraid of flimsy towels during jumpbacks and other active movements? No problem. We got it covered by adding silicon beads underneath to keep your towel planted firmly, allowing you to stay grounded even after each lifted motion.

That’s really nothing much to pick on with this piece, it’s our new favourite!

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– Fabric: Microfiber (With silicone beads underneath)

– Towel Dimension: 73″ (185cm) X 24″ (61cm)

– Weight: 450 grams

– Velvet-like finish, ultra absorbent, sweat activated non-slip grip, slip resistance with silicone beads, quick dry

– Colours available in: Crushed Berries, Lush Meadow, Medieval Blue, Raspberry Sorbet, Aurora Pink (Tie Dye)

– Care instructions: Wash it separately for the first 1-2 washes to prevent the dye from bleeding onto your clothes. It is recommended to dry them under the sun, or tumble dry in low setting.

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