Yoga Paw Pad

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The Yoga PawPad provides portable comfort and protection for multiple areas of the body. Composed of natural rubber, each pad is uniquely durable with a functional yet thick non slip cushion.  Lightweight and compact, the Yoga PawPad provides flexible freedom as a versatile multi purpose prop.  It can be used as a wrist aid or head, elbow, knee, hip or forearm cushion.  The PawPad can be rolled up and used as a support for deeper poses or therapeutically underneath the neck.  Say goodbye to rolled up mats and blankets and say hello to Yoga PawPad to start getting the most out of your practice today.


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Material: Natural rubber and TPE

Measures approximately 24”x 8.25”x 0.5” (61cm x 21cm x 12mm)

Color: Purple