We're back to work

Back from our 7 days Melbourne Road Trip. It was a great getaway from our over-cluttered country. The four of us travelled from town to town with limited internet access, smooth traffic, zero high rise buildings. People there don’t overwork. They get off work once it is 5pm. They rest for months when the season is not right to farm. Most importantly, they do not stare at their phones when they have “nothing” to do. They enjoy their walks, talks, drives, food etc. without distractions.

aust trip

In our country, we will probably be cracking our brain on how to earn more money when it is time to rest. I actually feel guilty when I have the time to rest and just do nothing. I tend to judge people when they take overly long breaks/simply “slack their life away” at home. Probably it is this over-cluttered environment that switched us to competitive mode, because there isn’t enough for everyone. But now, I’m learning to be a little laid back and enjoy quality time with my love ones when it is time to- because that is what life is all about.

So.. If you are planning for a holiday/getaway, I’ll strongly recommend an out-of-city trip (because shopping and eating.. you can do them daily in Singapore).

Enough of my thoughts, and I’m now back home to work on Vivre. There are lots waiting for me, the sole worker, to start things moving again. I’m trying to work out with my designs, but getting good suppliers are really the challenge. The good ones are too busy and thus slow production.. or the faster ones are just not good enough. I’ll work things out! (: