Behind the Scenes: A day filled with photoshoots

Shan’t let these photos be put to waste! Here are some of the behind scenes photo last Thursday. Two back to back photo-shoots featuring Zoe Raymond.


First photographer is Anwar from Sadhana Sanctuary. He is the marketing person I always liaise with at Sadhana Sanctuary, and is really easy to work with! So basically Zoe and Anwar are the ones who brought Vivre Active Wear to Sadhana!

Anwar’s range of photography works can be found on his website in this link.


It’s really hard to balance on these poles, and we got to give this a miss.


Thank you Zoe for allowing your feet to go so black for #SGYOGAGA! ;)

And after which we drove back for our studio shoots for the launch.




My photographer’s job seems pretty relaxing? Haha. It seems only. I should have taken photos of him bringing all his photography barangs and moving the furniture around to make space. Thank you Wayne for turning my home into a studio when needed!

He can be contacted at +65 90937934 should you need him for any shoots! Very reasonable rates. His website is at this link.


Such a natural! Working her is such a breeze.


I find product shoots pretty hard because they can’t pose and I have to keep adjusting..

With the effective team, we ended the day super early!

Caged Sports Bra

Cool Off Tank

Full Length Active Tights

That’s for the latest launch! And Zoe picked almost every piece home! (:

That’s it for our short update!