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Yoga Wheel Class @ Platinum Yoga Review

Across the globe, yoga wheel is still the latest obsession of all yoga props! This time round, thanks to the lovely folks at Platinum Yoga, I get to try their Yoga Wheel class with my friend, Christine.

Facilities @ Platinum Yoga Suntec City Mall

Upon arrival at Platinum Yoga Suntec City Mall, we were greeted by a friendly receptionist, who proceeded to sign us in to Yoga Wheel class within 5 minutes. As first-timers, we agreed that the hospitality extended was welcoming (which is very important) because we didn’t feel awkward despite being in an entirely new environment.

We were shown around the studio, from the retail arm just beside the reception area, to the waiting area just outside the 2 main Yoga Studios, Fire and Air. Fire room, as the name suggests, is mainly for hot classes like Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates, and is great for individuals who are looking for a practice to lose weight. Air room, on the other hand, hosts other non-hot and in-the-air classes like Aerial Yoga, Rope Yoga and Yoga Wheel classes. The room is fully equipped with yoga props, ranging from yoga blocks to yoga wheels, hammocks and wall ropes as expected. They also have a Personal Training room for private practices.

The Air room where we attended the Yoga Wheel class is sizeable and can hold up to slightly more than 20 mats. It felt very cozy when we set foot in the room with the semi-warm lightings.

Behind the door leading to the female changing room, you will be first greeted with a wall full of lockers. In my honest opinion, I would expect the changing/shower room to be more spacious because it does get difficult to move around the shower cubicles and dressing area, especially during the overlap period in between classes. We do understand as it’s the weekday evening peak period.

Yoga Wheel Class @ Platinum Yoga Suntec City Mall

Christine and I attended the Yoga Wheel class by Dr. Yogi. Being newbies in a prop-based class, we were pretty excited!

To sum it up:


  • Clear demonstrations were given before we get into the moves.
  • During execution, Dr. Yogi would constantly walk around the class to adjust your alignments and motivate you.
  • Class was enjoyable with small jokes in between.
  • Great for people with tight shoulders, back and joints!
  • Exploration of inversions with the aid of a Yoga Wheel.


  • Sweat level was minimum due to the low-impact motions.
  • Better articulation of words to deliver clearer instructions.
  • Lack of background music.

I would highly recommend beginners to try out the Yoga Wheel class, especially if you are looking for a more dynamic practice sesh. I could really feel my back opening up, and it was refreshing exploring basic postures (e.g. Sun Salutation) with the introduction of the Yoga Wheel as a prop.


To allow more starters like Christine and I to try out the prop-based class like Yoga Wheel, the squad at Platinum Yoga has generously opened up a class for our customers!

Here are the details:

Yoga Wheel 1
29 July 2017 (Sat)
1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre, #13-09, Singapore 449408

Simply book the class via our website link here, where the classes are priced at $10/class.

Upon completion of the class, we will be giving you, in return, a $10 Vivre voucher that can be used at our physical stores at Wisma or Bugis!

Intrigued to try something different, or finding a new environment to unwind near your office or home? Then this is your chance.

For more information on Platinum Yoga, you can visit their website @

NIVEA Extra White Serum Deodorant (Get a FREE Sample)

The one must-have for your gym bag, we can’t help it but love the new NIVEA Extra White Serum Deodorant!

Perfect for the girl that’s on the go, NIVEA’s new addition to body care packs a whole range of benefits. Pamper your underarms with the power of a face serum, and achieve silky smooth & fair skin that leaves you fresh and dry.

What we love about the NIVEA Extra White Serum Deodorant:

  • Fuss free spray on for a quick freshen up
  • Fast absorption formula and antiperspirant properties
  • The light and fresh lingering scent
  • Infused with the goodness of avocado oil
  • 10x more Vitamin C to help achieve smoother and fairer underarms

If you’re on the search for a deodorant that checks all the boxes, look no further! Receive a FREE 35ml spray with any purchase at our retail stores and try it for yourself.

We love it and we hope that you do too!

Terms and Conditions:

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– While stocks last

Irresistible GSS Specials

We know you have been waiting, and it’s just about time; our GSS promotion has finally hit town this year!

Whatever your reasons might be, GSS is the time of the year you get to enjoy offers and splurge, without guilt. So, start living in the moment and stock up on your athletic wardrobe!

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V-Member Perks – Exclusive Sale!

As promised, 2017 marks an exciting year ahead. And we can’t be more grateful for the support of ALL our customers, with special mention of our vMembers!

To show our deepest appreciation for all our lovely vMembers, we will be running a 2-days-only exclusive sale in-stores on the 20th and 21st of May, in-stores only! All items will be going at 15% off regular price instead, hooray!

What’s more awesome is when you spent $180 and above in a single transaction, you will receive our Vivre Goodie Bag (worth $250) loaded with handy freebies to rejuvenate yourself, courtesy of our very generous sponsors – Nivea, Blackmores and Botanics Creation!

NIVEA Extra White Serum Deodorant
A deodorant enriched with 10x Vitamin C and Avocado Oil that helps to achieve fairer, softer and smoother underarms.

Perfect to keep you fresh and odour-free post-workout!

Blackmores Radiance Marine Q10
A bottle of one-a-day collagen formula with 10 essential ingredients including CoQ10 and antioxidants. It nourishes the deeper layers of the skin and supports normal cellular antioxidant activity to help maintain healthy skin and general wellbeing.

Who doesn’t want glowing skin?

Botanics Creation Hair Studio Complimentary Scalp Therapy and Phyto Travel Kit
A travel-sized kit containing 50ml each of their Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo, Phytovolume Volume Conditioner, and Phytovolume Actif Spray to keep your mane in check all the time!

There will also be a one-time scalp therapy treatment voucher, to pamper yourself ‘cus you deserves it! Best part? It’s on us!

Goodbye frizzy hair woes and worries!

With all the perks and freebies going on, you can’t miss ‘em out! Hurry and mark your calendar, we will see you at our retail outlets real soon! :D

Click here for more information on our vMemberhip programme.

Terms and Conditions applies:
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– No exchange/refund for items purchased under this promotion.
– This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions/partner discounts.
– Goodie bags are while stocks last. Entitled to 1 goodie bag per vMember

Studio Review – LAVA Yoga Singapore

If you’re a huge fan of hot yoga like I do, then read on to find out what we’ve got to say about Lava Yoga Singapore – a yoga studio in the East offering all-day hot classes for a great sweat sesh! Lava Yoga is also the leading hot yoga brand in Japan with over 120 studios.

Facilities @ Lava Yoga Singapore

Lava Yoga Singapore is located inside I12 Katong mall, and sits on the highest floor, with its entrance just beside the outdoor kids playground.

The first impression derived: a very modernized studio, with a touch of Japanese zen. There is also a huge changing room space with more than enough lockers, 8 shower cubicles, 4 hair dryers, and unlimited fresh towels! You literally just need to – bring yourself.

Also, did I mention that Lava Yoga is the only females-only yoga studio in Singapore? This is definitely an ultimate bonus for the shy you.

Classes @ Lava Yoga Singapore

If you’re a hot yoga lover like me, you would definitely fall in love with Lava Yoga – they have hot classes ALL-DAY round!

The lava flow classes are their signature classes, which include Lava Flow 1, Lava Flow 2 and Lava Mix. Of all the classes, Lave Flow 2 is by far Georgia’s and my favorite – it is challenging, mentally and physically – great for intermediate practitioners like us. If you’re someone looking to focus on improving specific postures, they also have catered classes – Open Heart, Hip Therapy, and Abdominal – as the respective name suggests. If you’re looking to sweat buckets, try Detox Flow. If you’re looking to reconnect with yourself, go for Yoga Surya – it’s surprisingly calming. Fret not, the classes are multi-leveled so they are great even for beginners! Personally, the difficulty level is felt based on the pace of the classes.

The many hot classes throughout the day ensure that you can definitely find a class to fit into your busy schedule, instead of adjusting your schedule to fit into a hot class. Their first class starts as early as 9am for housewives who have just dropped their kids off at school, and the last class starts as late as 8.45pm for those who knock off late from work.

I particularly love how enclosed the rooms at Lava Yoga are – away from the traffic, noise and bad air quality. It’s an ultra plus point for me, for sure, ‘cus it keeps you focus effortlessly. I could really reap the entire benefits of a 60-minute practice without having to worry about anything miscellaneous.

Lava Yoga is also known for incorporating specially crafted music into their sequences that subtly guides you to relax yet concentrate, as you execute the practice. I came out refreshed and satisfied after a 1-hour dedication to myself.

On a side note, being a studio that’s heavily centered on the Japanese culture, practitioners at Lava Yoga take on a sense of responsibility by wiping down the mats after each class.

Teachers @ Lava Yoga Singapore

What set the teachers at Lava Yoga apart from other studios is their great approachability, dedication, and willingness to want to help you improve in your practice.

They go the extra mile of staying back after class to demonstrate certain asanas I’ve been wanting to learn, and are generous with their knowledge.


If you’re a fan of hot yoga, wants to try a female-only and enclosed practice environment, and prefers a smaller class size, why not try Lava Yoga for a change? The drop-in is at $40 per class but I promise you, it will be worth it. Most importantly, for people who are thinking of trying out the place, there’s no hard-selling involved.

We will be running community classes with the Lava Yoga team on 28 and 29 May 2017, with the following information:

Class Type: Detox Flow with Melly
Date: 27 May 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 1pm – 2pm

Class Type: Abdominal with Emily
Date: 28 May 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 1pm – 2pm

Venue: Lava Yoga @ I12 Katong, 112 East Coast Road, #02-19/20, Singapore 428802
Cost: $10 per class. After completion of the class, there will be a $10 Vivre cash voucher given for usage at our retail stores.

We’re excited for you to come experience Lava Yoga’s brand new studio that is designed to engage all four senses with heat, light, music and scent!

So, come prepared for a sweat sesh! Click here to book your class!