The Yogi Christmas Gift Guide

the yogi gift guideWith everyone’s favourite festive season drawing near, are you furrowing your brows over what to get for that one yogi friend who spend as much time on the mat as they do at home? Fret-not, ‘cus we have done the shopping for you with our yogi gift guide, Yes, yoga is about having the right state of body and mind, and to nutrify that, you can never give the quality gears a miss. Here’s our top picks and it could probably be something your yoga-loving girlfriend (or guy) could wish for!

1. Yoga Paws
Skip those flimsy yoga towel that probably still fumble at times. Secure your friend on the mat and let them fully concentrate on their practice with our choice of reliable for yogis – Yoga Paws. With the solid traction and grip, they can be sure to stay in place at downward dog with a non-slip peace of mind.

2. Infinity Stretch Strap
Want to help your yogi friend build strength and flexibility to deepen their practice? The Infinity Stretch Strap would be our perfect answer. Available in brilliant neon colours as well, it will be a sure win to brighten up their practice.

3. Leggings/Sports bras
Who doesn’t love a new outfit? Choose and match a striking combination from our wide range of apparels; from fitted tops that keeps one safely covered in inversions, to printed fun leggings that flawlessly hug the legs for a strong and confident movement with every breath.

4. Yoga Mat
Have your devoted yogi friend been practising for some time, and it’s probably time for a change of mat? After all, there’s never “too much” or “too many” in a yogi’s dictionary. Choose from our wide range of mats, from our premium rubber or cock mats, designed to be extremely grippy regardless of the sweat level, to travel mats that’s non-bulky and can seamlessly sit in a tote bag.

5. Yoga Wheel
It is definitely more than just a wheel. Your yogi friend will be grateful to you, for all the tightness alleviation in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors. With this handy prop, backends are just a matter of time.

*Available in-stores only.

6. Gift Card
With all things yogi-related in a shop, a gift card is the least gauche gift ever! Get your yogi friend his/her passport to a shopping paradise at Vivre physical stores or online at With our Vivre Gift Card, you can save yourself the headache, and let your friend get what they really want, anytime, from our wide variety of apparels, and accessories.

*Physical gift cards are available for purchase in-stores.

Whoever you’re shopping for, our Gift Guide has something you would not want your yogi friend to miss out on. Feel free to frolic around when you’re at our Vivre stores, and oh, don’t forget to say hi!

Cork Yoga Blocks v Foam Yoga Blocks


Yoga blocks are used most commonly in challenging balancing asanas, such as arm balances. One can get into challenging poses safely with proper alignment even if tight hamstrings and/or shoulders are present.

Before the birth of cork yoga blocks, the foam blocks are the only available option in the market. They are soft, of feather-light weight and cheap – which means that you inevitably have to face tipping a flimsy yoga block over when you put weight on it. With the reinvention, you can now do away with distractions and focus on your alignments.

Cork yoga blocks and foam yoga blocks are two commonly used yoga blocks in yoga. The golden question: which is the right yoga block for me?

Vivre cork yoga mat and cork yoga block in a yoga studioGracing the nostalgic hardwood floors in Yoga+

Cork yoga blocks are better for support and alignment, if one is looking to deepen your practice. Here’s why:

#1 Excellent Durability

Unlike the foam yoga blocks that give way easily when you put pressure on it, the cork yoga blocks isn’t going to lose its shape under pressure, or get scratches and dents that even you aren’t aware of. It’s just a solid base of high density that you can rely your body weight on, with a great peace of mind.

#2 Comfortable Weight

If you’re not looking to travel around with a cork yoga block, for its high density, I must say the weight is just right. Heavier than foam blocks definitely, but more sturdy and has the added stability I’m looking for as a supporting tool – it’s not even wobbly at all!

#3 One Color Fits All

Get that million-dollar question – What color should I get? – out of the way when you’re shopping! Cork just matches everything.

yoga+ yoga teachers playing with our cork yoga mat and cork yoga block


Invest in a cork block. As counterintuitive as it sounds, you become less reliant on your arms for additional balance because you do not have to grip as hard (as you did when using a foam yoga block) to keep the cork yoga block from moving – it stands well on its own.

With a cork yoga block, you learn to engage your core and work the correct muscle groups to keep your balance in the challenging asanas.

Cork yoga blocks have the ability to withstand wear, are less flimsy, and have a much longer life span. They are your best bet to getting better alignments of poses, and it’s definitely worth the extra cost.

Stay grateful, generous and genuine.


Myelsa, Yogi and guest writer at Vivre Active

All Things Crow – You can take flight too!

Round the back, press hard into the palms, point your toes to the back of the room…
Keep pressing and rounding the back… Gaze forward..
Elbows at ninety degrees… keep hugging the elbows in!

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all these cues in class when its time to fly your Crow.

But what do all these cues really mean?

More often than not, it’s not easy for an instructor to break down a pose during a class,
simply because of time constraints and not wanting to break the flow of a class.

When I first attempted the Crow pose, I remember having zero activation,
not being able to lift my feet of the ground, much less point my toes!
It was pure brute strength that ended with a glorious faceplant and a ton of laughter.

 So instead of just telling you the steps to get into a Crow pose,
we are going to decode some common Yoga cues!
Thanks to my instructor, Angie, you’ll also find some exercises to strengthen and prepare you for flight!

 The next time you hear these cues in the class, you’ll know exactly what to do (;

“Round your back” – Engage that core!

Remember how the instructor begins the class with a few rounds of Cat and Cow pose?
Yup. I’ll admit – I took it for granted.
In reality, the Cat pose is a great way to really start engaging your core muscles!

Full Cat Pose

Keeping your chin tucked, take a few breaths in Cat pose.
Make it a point to push your belly button towards the ceiling, almost as if to touch your spine.
Yes, it’s physically impossible, but go with me on this to feel that sensation of rounding the back!

Sometimes, you’ll hear the cue “pull your ribs in” or “lift the ribs”.
What does that really mean? Well, try the following out and you’ll see!


Find yourself in a comfortable seated position.
Take an inhale, nice and slow.
As you inhale, imagine all the air filling up the lungs,
pushing and expanding your rib cage outwards in all directions.
As you exhale, imagine all that air in your lungs getting squeezed out.
Keep following that sensation of squeezing and
picture your ribs getting compressed all around!

Felt that?
Noticed how instinctively that made you round your back slightly?
That’s what it should feel like in your Cat pose!

Full Cat Pose Vs Shitty Cat PoseLeft: Ribs are compressed and lifted, core fully activated to assist in rounding of the spine
Right: Slack in the core, back is less rounded

“Press hard into the palms and push the mat away from you” – Shoulder Protraction

Here’s a little Anatomy 101 before we dive into things!

Shoulder girdle – connects your upper arm (humerus bone) to your spine
via the collar bone (clavicle) and shoulder blades (scapula).
The shoulder joint, also known as the glenohumeral joint,
is where the upper arm bone meets the shoulder blade.

Scapula – a flat, roughly triangular bone on both sides
of the upper spine (thoracic spine). It allows for various movements and
we’ll be focusing on primarily protraction, also known as abduction.

Protraction/Abduction – to move away from the body’s midline

To clear the air – when instructors tell you to protract your shoulders,
what they really mean is to move your shoulder blades away from your spine!

 In layman’s terms, think about creating a gap in between the shoulder blades
by bringing them away from your spine and closer to the shoulder joint.
Wanna know what it feels like?
Give yourself a hug RIGHT NOW and observe how your shoulder blades move!

Plank – neutral & with protractionLeft: Shoulder blades in neutral position
Right: Shoulder blades protracted


Get into a plank pose. Make sure your palms are well grounded,
pressing 3 primary areas into your mat – finger tips, base of the finger tips and base of the palm.

On your next inhale, push into your mat and try protracting your scapulas.
Notice a small upward movement. Now exhale, return to a neutral plank.

Plank – neutral & with protractionLeft: Neutral shoulder blades
Right: Protracted shoulder blades

Now take it a step ahead by rounding the back, just like you did in Cat pose!

Plank – cat spine plus protracted shoulders 2Remember to lift the ribs and push hard away from the mat!

“Squeeze” – All About That Flex

One important thing to note about Crow pose is how your entire body
becomes as compact as possible, almost as if you’re trying to tighten every muscle
so your whole body becomes one compact mass.
Your spine, hips and knees are all flexed!

In case you’re wondering, to put it simply –
flexing is the act of bending or the condition of being bent.
Exactly how you’d react if I asked you to flex your biceps now!


Begin in plank pose. As you protract your scapulas, begin rounding your back.
Bring your gaze to a middle point between your thumbs as you do so.
You should be on your tippy toes, heels stacked above the toes! Take 3 breaths here.

On your next exhale – bring your right knee to touch your right tricep or elbow.
Send your gaze to your back foot and point your right toes away from you.

Plank with knee to tricep, hips high, pointed toesKeep squeezing, but don’t forget to breathe!

As you hold the position, be aware of that squeezing sensation in your core.
Remember, we are bringing everything together now –
rounded back, protracted scapulas and squeeze hard!

“90-degree elbows” & “Hug your elbows in” – Soar, not sink!

When I was first exposed to the world of Chaturangas, this was what it looked like:

Sinking ChaturangaYep.. this is what it used to look like!

And then I met Angie, and this is what it looks like now:

Proper ChaturangaTa-daaaah!

It took me a long time to understand how important it was to nail that 90 degree right!
That combined with keeping my elbows right by my ribs really builds a strong foundation in my arms.

Chaturanga - Hugging elbows in and elbows flopping out

Left: Keep your elbows as close to your ribs as you can!
Right: Common mistake of letting the elbows flop out. Don’t risk hurting your wrists!

Bonus Tip: Your head follows your gaze!

While I was sinking in all my Chaturangas like the Titanic,
I would always tuck my chin in to keep my neck in line with my spine.
But really what I was doing is looking down at my mat letting my head lead my Chaturanga!

If this is something familiar to you, try lifting the chin slightly and
send your gaze one palm ahead! Keep your focus on one point as you lower your chest.

Lift chin picJust a slight lift – don’t end up straining your neck!

It’s time to fly!

Let’s get right down to it!

There are many ways to get into a Crow pose,
and my personal favorite is to start in Malasana.

MalasanaBegin rounding the spine slightly, push your elbows against the knees and send your chest towards your thumb

Take a couple of breaths here to really feel the sensation of flexing in the hips and core.

Lift the hips as high as you can!

Place your palms on the mat in front of your feet and
send your knees as high up onto your upper arms as you can go.
Being on your tippy toes and rounding the back here is really gonna help!
Before we go on, find a point where you can fix your gaze.

one foot off, then both feet offLeft: Easy does it… ; Right: And we have lift off!

Ground the palms well and start shifting your weight forward
until you can feel the transfer of weight onto your finger tips.
Keep your elbows hugged in as you
lift one foot off the ground and point your toes behind you.
Keep shifting your weight forward until the other foot floats off the ground!

And there you have it!
Before you go get crazy, remember to respect your body and its limits.
Be accepting of your practice, wherever it may be.
Till the next time, Namaste!

 Sherilyn, Yogi and guest writer at Vivre Active

Angie is an instructor of The Yoga Co. Check out her Instagram page – @Sassyyogi

Outfit: Sprinter Active Tank and Rhythm Active Crops

What to Wear for Yoga Classes

I know – I’ve been here before. What to wear for yoga classes? Leggings? Tank top? Should it be loose or bodyhugging? What about a good ol’ sports tee? Maybe I could wear a pair of sports shorts… or like short tights. Do I bring my mat? What if the studio mats are gross? How about a towel?

101 questions later, I found myself picking an oversized Men’s M shirt that I had cut into a tank top, along with short tights. And no, I did not bring a  towel or a mat. Let’s just say I’ve never done that again. Ever.

Okay, maybe just a few more times. After many yoga classes and of course, countless trials and errors, I’ve come up with a few tips and factors you might want to consider as you prepare for your yoga class! So let’s start from (literally) the top!

Wanderlust GreyWanderlust Active Tank, $56. Available in Brink Pink, Davy’s Grey & Oxford Blue

A sports top will allow you full range of mobility, catch your perspiration (or most of it), help you stay as cool as possible and dries off fast! A great top will do all that, and make you look good and feel great (;

Jokes aside, the above are some factors you should consider when picking a top for your yoga class, whether it’s a shirt or a tank top. In addition, take a moment to understand what material is your top made of. Polyester, spandex and nylon are great choices for absorbing moisture and bringing it to the surface to allow for evaporation (aka moisture-wicking). Avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture and retains it instead of evaporating quickly!

Another important factor to consider is the fit of your top. If it’s too loose, an instructor may not be able to observe how your body moves or stays in a static pose. Imagine trying to look at someone’s hips when they are wearing a loose, oversized top that drapes all the way to their knees. Unless you have X-ray vision, it’s pretty much impossible!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Let your instructor give you better guidance and cues in a pose!

I remember attempting a headstand while I was wearing a pretty loose tank top. It did not go well. I was so distracted by my top shifting all over the place and eventually flopping over my face! I ended up having to tie a knot to prevent it from moving – that didn’t help either; I felt restricted in my movements.

Vivid Tights IGNo one wants a floppy shirt during a Downward Dog, much less in inversions!

As much as your yoga outfit should be fitted, it should also allow for full mobility, especially when you are in a stretched position. The last thing you’d want to experience is your outfit limiting your movements and diverting your attention.

Sports Bras

Ladies, remember the first bra you ever got from the departmental store with your mom? Yup. Think about that, and then have a look the bras in your cupboard. I’m pretty sure that these days, it’s all about support, support, support! Make sure you pick a sports bra that gives you the support necessary, and especially so if you’re well endowed! The last thing you’d want is to struggle with an ill-fitting sports bra while you’re in a downward dog.

At the same time, refrain from choosing a bra that has a hard item built into it! Imagine lying back down in corpse pose only to find zero comfort in lying on a hard metal ring on the back of your bra. Uh-uh.

_MG_0217Detached Double Layer Tank, $58, Available in Army Green, Classic Black & Wine Red

Your best bet is getting a versatile 2-in-1 top like Vivre’s Detached Double Layer Tank! Remove the detachable tank top and wear it as a sports bra, or keep it together for a relaxed yet supported cute top!

Leggings & Fitted Shorts

Your choice of bottoms could make or break your yoga class. The first time I attempted a Crow pose, I have to admit, there was ZERO core activation, or as instructors will say, “Cat spine”, where the back is rounded and the core is squeezed in. The fact that I was wearing short tights and a loose tank top did nothing to help the situation – my arms were so slippery from all the perspiration I could barely even prop my knees on top them!

_MG_9338Movement Active Tights in Fairy-tale, $58. Also available in Black Marble, Blue Henna & Milky Way

Understanding what the class entails definitely helps you pick the appropriate bottom. If you are going for an Arm Balance class, choose full leggings to give you a bit of traction in your poses.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetSide String Shorts V2, $46

Fitted shorts or short tights on the other hand are great for staying cool! Again, do keep in mind the material of your shorts. More importantly, they should be fitted or of a stretchy material that doesn’t compromise your modesty!

Yoga Accessories
I know I know, we were talking about outfits. But hey, accessories are essential as well!

There is absolutely no shame in getting some external help as you cultivate your practice. It’s about understanding your body’s needs and limits and working with them, not against them! For example, I have sweaty palms that hit me pretty much 90% of the time. Even as I write this, my palms are sweating! If you’re like me, get yourself some yoga paws/ gloves to give you a better grip.

Yoga Paws, $42 – $62

One thing I find really great is yoga blocks especially if you’re just beginning your yoga journey!

Apart from providing support as you find your way into poses, yoga blocks can be used to provide a great stretch too! And of course, who can forget the most important accessory of them all – your yoga mat!

_MG_4723Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat in Mystic Purple, $45. Also available in Blue, Lavender Purple, Dark Green, Pink & Red

There are indeed many factors to consider before purchasing a yoga mat. Check out what are the important factors to consider before deciding on a mat! Ask the shop if you may feel the mat or even try it out before making a purchase. The truth is, mats are an investment and you should be completely satisfied with your purchase!

One great accompaniment to add to your yoga mat is the oh-so popular yoga towel!

Capture(L) Vaporizer Yoga Towel with Pocket in Midnight Blue, also available in Aquamarine Blue, Cerulean, Coral Pink, Davy’s Grey & Lavender Purple
(R) Grip-It Yoga Towel in Hemlock Green, also available in Coral Pink, Cornflower Blue, Davy’s Grey & Pineapple Yellow

What’s so great about them you ask? To start off, they’re extremely convenient to bring around – fold it up just like a towel! Not to mention the brownie point scored for hygiene if you are headed to practice at a studio that provides in-house mats.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s all about that grip!

Last but definitely not the least, all the tiny little silicone beads underneath will give you additional traction on the mats!

Bonus: Vivre’s Microfiber Travel Yoga Mat

Microfiber Towel Mat Pink 3Microfiber Travel Yoga Mat in Coral Pink, $49. Also available in Mystic Purple & Seabreeze Green

Incorporating properties of both the yoga towel and yoga mat, Vivre’s Travel Yoga Mat gives you the convenience of folding your mat up just like a towel, but not compromising on anti-slip properties! Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Designed with a rubber base as well as a textured microfiber top surface that generates more traction as you sweat, this mat definitely gives you the most bang for your buck!

And there we have it – a few tips and tricks to ensure a more fulfilling experience in class! Of course, the list is non-exhaustive. As you grow your practice, there will be more chances along the way to discover what works best for you.

Keep practicing, and till the next time, Namaste!

Sherilyn, Yogi and guest writer at Vivre Active

Mong Chin: Fitness Fashion – My Go-To Workout Wear

My go-to workout wear brand needs no further introduction, i’m sure you guys are already sick of me raving about Vivreactivewear right? Refer to the first post I did with them here, where I shared my workout routine and the videos I often use when working out.
Well. Today’s post is to inform you guys that you can now find Vivreactivewear not only online, but also at their newest retail outlet at Bugis Junction!
This gives all of you a reason to head down now since it is so conveniently located in Bugis!
2 weeks ago, I got to check out their store and was so pleased that I could feel every fabric and even try on the pieces before deciding which to purchase. yay to better fit, and a happier shopper!
Here’s what I wore on 3 separate workout sessions:

I love the Ambition Crop Top for it’s cropped length. It’s in between a workout shirt and a sports bra which doesn’t show too much, if you’re looking for something a little more conservative.
The Danseuse Performance Tights are also my favourite ones to date! Who knew workout clothes could be so trendy too?

For an early morning light cardio and stretching at home, I chose to wear the Frolic Active Tank after seeing the ladyboss wear it at the retail outlet. It looked so much like an everday top and can be doubled up as a casual, yet nicely fitted tank. You can totally hop out from the gym, head for coffee or an appointment with this, really!

I also loveeee my striking red Yoga mat because it not only gives me the right amount of support when working out, it is super beautiful and vibrant and lightweight which is really portable. All you have to do is roll it up properly and fit it in the netted bag that comes with it and you’re set to go.

Exercise Mat: Eco Friendly Yoga Mat
The third outfit features the outfit I wore the last time I was in Thailand for a work trip. I’m not usually the kind to go for really loud colors or prints, so I’m very happy that VivreActiveWear has tights not only in the usual basic colors, but also subtle, printed ones like the Dynamic Active Crops that I’ve featured in the last look below.
Now that makes me less boring, hehe.

I love VivreActiveWear for their pieces that are not only made of really premium quality, they are stylish, forward and really convenient!
If you guys haven’t tried their tops out, I would highly recommend you guys to because their built-in bra designs are to-die-for. Not only do you not have to worry about wearing another sports bra inside, you also get the right amount of support your buddies need!
Are you ready to work out yet? I don’t know about you but every time I browse through Vivreactivewear’s site I get so motivated to work out and be fit LOL.
I’ll join you guys after my last paper on saturday, hahaha till then!

All texts and pictures are extracted from Mongabong’s blog.

Workout Tips + Favorite Workout Videos – Mong Chin

I know that one of the most highly requested post is for myself to share my workout tips and routine, but i’ve never really gotten down to it because I was always too tired from working out, and of course.. I didn’t think I was good enough to share any tips since I am no expert.
A ton of girls out there have got better bods than I do!
But since I got in touch with Syl from Vivre Active Wear, she encouraged me to share more about my tips and even provided me with some really awesome workout wear to motivate me, heh.
So, here goes!
Please pardon my amateur tips because like I mentioned, I’m no expert.
These are just tips that have worked well for me, to each his own yea? :)

Tip #1: Stretch
I can’t stress enough on having a good warm up before you start any workout. Though my workouts are mostly 10 mins intensive cardio workouts at home, stretching is very important to “wake” your muscles up before any strenuous exercise.
Stretching, which includes warming up and warming down after a work out not only helps with increasing muscle performances as warmed up muscles contracts more forcefully & also relaxes more quickly. This enhances speed and strength. It also helps with increasing blood temperature which makes oxygen more readily available for your working muscles, increasing endurance.
There are many more benefits to warming up and cooling down!
TIP#2: Proper Sports Wear
A good pair of trainers will not only increase your work out performance, but more importantly, it should cushion your legs and joints well!
Being a badminton player myself, I know the importance of protecting my joints because many racket sport players fall victim to joint injuries due to the nature of the sport we play. Ever since sustaining my knee injury when I was younger, I have paid more attention to the kind of sports wear I choose.
Not only that, your workout outfits are very important too! You want to be able to stretch, kick, lunge, run, jump etc in clothes that are comfortable and durable.
Since my work outs revolve around mostly stretching, I make sure to buy only workout clothes that are durable enough to withstand all that twist and turns.
I’ve been wearing Vivre Active Wear ‘s yoga wear for more than a month now and I’m not looking back anymore!
Vivre Active Wear’s  attire are made of such AMAZING quality I can’t even rave enough about them. Here I am wearing Get Up and Go Sports Bra in Pink paired with Swift Training Shorts in Pink-Grey
They are stretchy, sturdy and more importantly, fashionable.
Tell me where to find such flattering back designs on a sports bra?
Besides, they come padded too so I don’t have to worry about it being too revealing !
TIP#3: Hydrate yourself
That goes without saying.. I know
TIP#4: Discipline
Many of you guys often ask me how is it that I am “so disciplined” with working out. Truth to be told, I’m probably the laziest personout there when it comes to working out. I’m just like any normal person, facing the same inertia that I believe many face as well.
But one trick that helped me a lot was to consistently JOT DOWN when are the days I plan to work out. And of course, try to stick to them la haha!
Because I am so heavily-reliant on my calendar to tell me my daily schedules (the time, location, duration etc) and I’m the kind of person that has my schedule worked out every single day according to timing, I make sure to block out around 30 mins every 2-3 times a week at night for “working out”.
It reminds me every single time I check my calendar (which is a few times everyday) and it leaves me with no excuse because I technically blocked out that time to work out.
No more “ahh.. I gotta do this, i’ll work out tomorrow” because my work schedules would have already been accounted for before hand. Haha! Just one tiny tip!
TIP#5: For the busy people (like myself)
So if you still find it difficult to pull yourself out of your crazy busy work schedule, try to stick to 10 mins intensive cardio workouts. These exercises are what i do all the time! And trust me, they are not any easier than those hour-long ones simply because rest time is shorter, intensity is higher etc.
If you want to keep fit but have very little time to spare, try these workouts and the best thing is, they can be done at the comfort of your own home!
Here are some of my favourite videos and workouts to follow:

Yes. So no more excuses and saying you’ve got no time guys!
I usually work out before bed time because it helps me sleep better as well!
TIP#6: Keep Working With The End Goal In Mind
What motivates me is both having a healthier and a more sculpted body. Yes, I am not here to say that I work out solely for the purpose of keeping fit – I, like most girls (I hope) want to attain my ideal body.
So what I do is I constantly tell myself that I will get a body close to Mirander Kerr’s , I want a body like Candice Swanepoel’s etc if I just press on till I complete the work out. Hahaha!
I know it sounds ridiculous because I probably will never ever get a body like theirs, but you will be surprised how powerful those thoughts can be when you’re working out, try it!
This is my first pair of knee length work out pants and I can’t tell you guys how COMFORTABLE it is! And the best thing is, it is made of quality slip-proof fabric that holds its shape well, wicks moisture and dries quickly.
All Vivre Active Wear designs are locally designed, uniquely manufactured and they are comfy, chic and fun!
The built-in bra support like i’ve mentioned, provides sufficient support and is made of really premium quality as well. Washed them for over 6 or 7 times and they are still holding their shapes very well!
Shop online at or you can visit their physical store at Far East Plaza (#03-111B) from 12 Noon to 8PM daily.
I hope you guys like the little workout post! A big thank you to Vivre Active Wear for all these sports outfit. I’m super motivated to keep working out already!

All texts and images are extracted from Mong Chin’s blog.