Apparel Review: Xin Lin

An overdue post but I’m finally down to reviewing this set of activewear I received a month back from Vivre Activewear!

As everyone knows, yoga has been pretty much the “in” thing now and no yoga session is complete without a set of comfortable and durable apparels. And as everyone knows too, active wear doesn’t come cheap! A pair of sports bra can easily go over $60 so to find something way cheaper but at the same quality, in Singapore, isn’t that easy!

I’ve heard about Vivre Activewear even before this collaboration happened, donned on by lots of yogi in the community out there. So I was especially happy and stoked when Vivre approached for a collaboration!

Bonus: Vivre is a home-grown Singapore based brand. All the more I’d support them, and all of you guys should too!


Browsing through their apparels on their website, I felt so happy and relieved to see pocket-friendly prices! Even though I was being sponsored, I felt that it was still very important for me to review something that most of my readers can afford (:



I chose the Cross Cut Sports Bra in sweet pink (SGD$38) and Full Length Active Tights in marine blue (SGD$48)



Can I just say, the sports bra is my ultimate favourite ever!!! Like it was so body-hugging, extremely flattering yet so breathable! I’m not even kidding about the flattering part, I actually felt like I had some assets up there even though I know I’m flat! Hahaha I haven’t worn anything sooo figure flattering in awhile, and I least expected it to be a sports bra!

I’m so so in love with the sports bra and I’ve not only worn it to yoga classes, I’ve also worn it to the gym and to dance! It is really comfortable and even after a few (hand)washes, the elasticity has stayed on perfectly fine and the colour doesn’t run a single bit! For the quality, I’d say this is so reasonably priced. Afterall, a lady’s intimate wear is really something we need to invest in seriously!

I’m wearing size S and it is a perfect fit.
I honestly rate this sports bra 10/10 because it fits me so much better and perform so much better than some of the more “branded” sports bra I own! And they have sooo many pretty designs on their websites I really wish I owned them all!

“Fit girls don’t need push up bras. Fit girls only need a good sports bra” 


Moving on to the Full Length Tights, the first thing that attracted me to the tights was the beautiful shade of blue hehe. But besides that, I’d really commend this pair of tights for the amazing material and stretchability that comes with it! I mean, you can’t have a bit of doubt about this tights’ stretchability judging from the following photos:




Haha yes, I used to always get wedgies from my dance tights every time I do the more “intensive” stretching and it is super uncomfortable..!! Either that or I always get awkward sweat patches at the butt and it can be quite embarrassing HAHAHA but I got neither of it with this tights! (I’ve worn it to hot yoga class and I left the class looking as glam as when I entered!)

I love that it is full length too, no reasons why but just a personal preference! Maybe it’s because I own wayyyy too many pairs of three quarters. Also, the slightly high rise of this pair of tights rests nicely right above your tummy so YAY TO ALL THE HIDDEN TUMMY FATS!!! Don’t we girls all love that? (;

Of course, it would have been better if the waist band could be thicker/as thick as the waist lining since I felt that the waist band was a bit thin. Was kinda expecting the waist band to be as thick as the waist lining when I first saw it. But otherwise, all is great for this pair of tights and I’m loving it too! It is also such a comfy pair to wear to bed on a really cooling night ^^

Thank you Vivre Activewear for sending this set of apparels to me which I really love (!!!) and you guys should really check them out. It’s okay if you’re not a yogi, I’m sure we all wear sports bra and their sports bra is perfect for a day of workout too! They also carry other apparels such as tank tops, yoga towels, hand towels and yoga paws! You name it, they’ve got it^^ Most importantly, support local brands! ((:

Xin Lin

All texts and photos are extracted from Xin Lin’s blog.

Interview with Vivre Active Wear, by IntheLoop

Sylvia Edited


Vivre is an online active wear apparels store designed for daily wear, gym, yoga, and other light to medium impact sports. It was first launched in April 2014, and had since garnered a community of yogis and fitness enthusiasts raving about their apparels. Read on our interview with the founder of Vivre Active Wear below:

ITL: Tell us the story of Vivre Active Wear?

Sylvia (Vivre Active Wear): I started my workout and yoga regime two years ago, and am always finding myself looking at the pretty and comfy apparels hanging on the racks. But they are definitely not the most affordable apparels for a young working adult like myself, needless to say, students.

There are pocket-friendly alternatives popping out in malls, but the shape and stretch factor tends to run off after a few washes. That’s the reason why I started researching in bridging this gap between quality and affordability.

Bridging the Gap Small

ITL: Share with us what does Vivre means?

It is a French word, often used in the phrase “Joie De Vivre”, which translate to “Joy of Living”. I’ve brainstormed so long for a suitable brand name before stumbling upon this word, and the meaning of “Vivre” instantly sums up why I started this humble dream. Instead of holding on to my previous job which gives me a relatively good and stable income, I’ve come to realize life should be a little more than that.

ITL: Where are your apparels from?

Designs and detailed instructions are relayed by us, while manufacturing and packing are done in China. We will do the final quality check on our side. No secrets about that, and I’m proud we are working with our roots with no communication barriers.

ITL: Share with us some unique features of your apparels?

The cutting of our apparels are designed taking into consideration of Asian women’s bust, hip, width ratio. And this means a better fit for Asian ladies’ body shape. Most of our tops comes with built-in bra so that there is no need to wear another layer of bra and worrying about unsightly straps! Besides those details, the quick-drying and stretch factor is something we look into too.

Tie String Shorts

ITL: What sets Vivre Active Wear apart from the other Yoga brands out there?

What differs us from many other active wear stores you see in Singapore is that we design and manufacture our own apparels from scratch. We did thought of doing consignments for popular brands in the market which would be much more hassle free, but that could not fulfil our initial purpose of wanting to create quality workout apparels with friendly price tags.

As a local brand, we try to build a rapport with local customers through social media and direct mails. We monitor our customers’ preference and feedback closely, and try our best to cater to their needs; such as having a flexible return and exchange policies.

ITL: Do you have any tips on what to look out for in buying Yoga/workout apparels?

For deep stretching and breathing exercises, it is important to not wear overly tight sports bra or pants so that restrict your movement or breathing. Tank tops and running shorts that are loose fitting are not suitable too as they tend to run about when we bend. For active tights and pants, do take note on unsightly camel-toes, translucency, and whether it rides up during workouts.

Full Length Active Tights

ITL: How frequent are your launches?

Our active wear designs are pretty basic and do not out of style like fashion wear do. Sometimes ideas are overwhelming, and I really hope to manufacture more designs. We are working towards the day when more people learns about Vivre. With stocks running a little faster, we will then be able to bring in an even wider variety for you ladies. And this, we really need your help to spread out brand name for us. ;)

ITL: Do you plan on getting a physical store?

We have received many queries on this. Unfortunately, owning a store front equals to large expenses and manpower, which we aren’t ready for it. Good news though, is that we are constantly working on getting a small rack space in shops or studios. If all goes well, we will be announcing something end of November about our pop-up rack (Edited; pop-up rack is now up at Tirisula Shop, read more here). Stay tune by signing up for our mailing list or following us on Instagram @vivreactivewear!

Vivre Active Wear Range

ITL: What were some obstacles or setback you faced along the way?

From manufacturing defects, stock count, unfriendly people, to lost mails. Anything can go wrong, and they will never stop coming. Even though it is so nerve-racking every time such issues occur, I just got to keep picking myself up, finding a solution if there is. And if there isn’t, we just got to move on. We are just very thankful to have the support and appreciative notes from customers, and these are what that kept us going strong.

ITL: Lastly, what can we expect from Vivre Active in 2015?

It’s already coming to the end of 2014, and we do not have big plans and ambitions for the time being. Or rather, we try not to over-promise things that we are not 100% sure of delivering yet.

Besides our usual social media campaigns, we are also working towards collaborations with local start-ups and studios that would like to work with us. Crossing our fingers to make 2015 an exciting one!


*All photos and texts are extracted from IntheLoop’s website.

A Comparison of Yoga Mats from $15 to $160

I was walking around Novena Square and found yoga mats selling at the price of $80-$130. Why is Watsons selling their yoga mats at $19.90 and other sports brand selling it at $120? Is there really a difference or is it just a brand gimmick? I did my research and here is my summarized conclusion.


PVC  – Polyvinyl Chloride are the most common man-made plastic. They are not eco-friendly and can be hazardous to our health. They do have the sticky factor, but might lose stickiness and break down/peel after several washes. Prices range from $18 – $40.

TPE– Thermoplastic Elastomer mat is made from synthetic rubber that can be recycled and are 90% biodegradable. They are lightweight, chlorine free, latex free, and have non-slip properties. Prices range from $45 – $80.

PU/Natural Rubber – are said to be more durable compared to both of the above, and their high traction doesn’t seem to diminish over time. They are much heavier as compared to PVC. It comes with a slight rubbery smell which diminishes over time. Most yoga studios uses this as they are sturdy and easy to clean. Prices range from $100 – $150.

Cork – A sustainable and eco-friendly material, its traction is due to the presence of suberin, a naturally occurring waxy substance found in cork’s cell walls. This makes cork impermeable to moisture, and that’s why its commonly hailed as anti-microbial and easy to maintain. With a welcoming “leathery” feel, the cork yoga mat is great for both studio and home use. Prices range from $100 – $170.

*Of course, it does not mean you can judge a mat by looking at it’s price. Some retailers mark up their mats by a whole lot, selling PVC mats at $68 and TPE Mats at $116. Do note to take a closer look into the composition before purchasing.


If you are someone who do inversion poses, you will be better off getting a slightly thicker mat of approx 1/4 inch (0.6cm). Portable thin towel mats are good for travels too, but I prefer one with more cushion for the comfort of my knees, elbows, neck and head. Most of the time, with the material used being constant, the thicker the mat the more costly it will be.

Vivre’s Recommendation for beginners/traveling yogis

various Vivre TPE yoga mats

Vivre has tried and tested before manufacturing our TPE Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats in a variety of colours, and they have been receiving very positive reviews since we brought them in early 2013.

It is light enough to be carried around, has got ample cushioning – great for those looking for a basic mat to start their practice.

Length: 183cm. Width: 61cm. Thickness:0.65cm

Investing in Quality – The Premium Range

 Vivre Premium PU Rubber Mat in Mint Blue colourvivre Cork Yoga Block

Considering high quality accessories to accompany your developing practice?

Both our Cork Yoga Mat and the Premium Rubber Yoga Mat are great additions to have.

Since its launch in November 2015, the Premium Rubber Yoga Mat has been a highly sought after product. The top Polyurethane surface provides great traction and grip, while the bottom rubber keeps you well-cushioned and keeps the mat in place.

The Cork Yoga Mat is simply Mother Nature’s gift – eco-friendly, lasting traction and easy to clean.

Bonus: Check out our Elite Heavy Duty Yoga Mat for extreme grip and durability!

Checkout with coupon code “vivremat” now to enjoy 10% off our yoga mats. (online purchase only)

PS: You can also feel them for yourself at Vivo City #02-56 & Wisma Atria #B1-04

Signing off,

Sylvia, Vivre Activewear

First Try on Kapotasana

I’ve always thought people should be satisfied with what they have. Forcing yourself out of the comfort zone might not be the best idea in all aspects of life. In yoga practices too, I’ve told myself there is no need to get into a pose and risk breaking my arms or neck. But time and time again, with proper practices, it just comes naturally. I’m glad yoga made me realize how far a human can stretch and how strong we can be (literally and mentally).

So after seeing many yogis sharing about their Kapotasana, I finally got to try it today during Hatha 2 class. Most of the online tutorials teaches us to drop back down from camel pose (as seen below), which I find it a little hard and intimidating for yogis trying this pose for the first time.

Shape Collage

Above picture extracted from Shape Magazine

Am very glad the teacher taught us this variation and I did my very first Kapotasana!

1) Sit in Vajrasana (kneeling pose) with your butt seated in-between the legs and touching the floor.

2) Slowly make your way down to lying on the mat (butt and legs still in the same position).

3) Place support on the top of your head to the floor (still engaging your back strength), slowly push yourself up a little using the palms.

4) With your back strength and head supporting, slowing move your hands towards the feet to grab hold of them.

5) Come out of the pose by slowly pushing yourself up into the kneeling position again.


Featured on Sylvia is the Intercross Tank and On-the-Move Active Crops (launching on 11/10/14)

I personally find this a safe transition for first timers trying to get into Kapotasana because you are already lying on the floor and are simply pushing yourself up (much more control than moving down from camel).

*This is my personal take on the pose. I am not a certified yoga instructor, but am sharing this because online tutorials don’t seem to show it. Try it at your own pace and risk. ;)

*If you have any comments or advice that I might be doing it wrong, do leave a comment below. Thanks!

– Sylvia, Vivre Active

Behind the Scenes: Zoe Raymond

We had blogger Zoe Raymond to be our size S model for a try this time round.

Since we will be sticking to selling exclusively online to bring you the best prices possible, we reckoned it will be good to have a size M and S model for you to better gauge your purchases!

Sizing Chart Vivre

Here are some of the behind scenes pictures during our shoot with Zoe.


We always have our studio shoot at home. Thanks to our photographer, Wayne, who has got all the equipment on the go!


Setting up and testing the lighting, that’s the view if you are the model!



And the model of the day. It was so much more efficient me as an extra pair of hands as the coordinator. :D



And as usual, we had some fun with yoga poses.


Going through the pictures after the shoot. Zoe bagged quite a few favorites home (see below)!


Vivre Basic Tank (Tiffany Blue) and Tie String Shorts (Lime Green)


Flaunt Tank (Mexican Pink)


Flow with Breeze Tank (Black) + Tie String Shorts (Coral, not shown in pic)

Yep, the long waited tie-string shorts will be launched by this week, together with some comfy tees! That’s all for your preview! I’m back editing pictures and to prepare for the launch.


Stay tune! ;)

How to Prevent Your Yoga Towel from Slipping

Vivre’s yoga towels and mats just got their well-deserved photoshoot by Wayne, and are now proudly listed on our website for sale.

Halfway through the shoot, we had an impromptu idea to do a step by step guide on how to utilize yoga towels. I’ve read online about bad reviews on various yoga towels slipping off their mats. However, if others are using the same brand with no problem, here might be a useful guide for you!

How to use your Vivre Microfiber Yoga Towel

Step 1

Lay the towel over your mat. Either side of the towel works.

Step 3Step 4

Sprinkle the towel with water to dampen before use. This will enhance the slip resistant quality before you start contributing sweat on it.

Step 5Step 6

Try doing a downward facing dog to make sure the towel stays in place. Start your yoga practice!

Step 7


How to wash your Vivre Vaporizer Yoga Towel

Wash it separately for the first 2-3 washes to prevent the dye from bleeding onto your clothes.

It is recommended to dry them under the sun, or tumble dry in low setting.


Why choose Vivre’s Vaporizer Yoga Towel?

It is priced to be more affordable ($34) than others ($60-$75), comes in 3 pretty colours, does not compromise in quality, and is delivered to your doorstep.



You can read from my previous post here about about the functions of having a yoga towel. I’m loving my orange towel with grey lining too much it is like I’ve got a new trusted partner during practices. If you are someone who attend hot classes, I strongly recommend you to try them out!