Downward Dog for A Cause

On 6 July 2014, a group of animal lovers and yoga enthusiasts gathered for a fundraising event at Botanic Gardens. This event was organized and conducted by yoga teacher Jasmine Tay for Exclusively Mongrels Limited.

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Exclusively Mongrels was set up by two non-pedigree dog owners (Kevin Neo and Jason Ong), to support and promote mongrel’s welfare in Singapore. They do not have a shelter for these dogs, as they firmly believe a home environment is a ore suitable place for a dog to thrive, with regular human interaction and socialization.

Therefore, besides teaming up with respected veterinarians to provide subsidize medical provisions for these dogs, Exclusively Mongrels are constantly holding adoption drives in hope to find foster homes for these free-roaming dogs.

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It was such a heart warming sight seeing close relationships established between the dogs and their owners.

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This is Shasha, A chubby Jack Russell Terrier mix Corgi. She is now 10 years old, and was adopted by Jasmine from a family when she was still a puppy.

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This is Missy. A mongrel (also known as Singapore specials).  She is currently 2 years old, and is adopted by Jasmine from an independent dog rescuer. Missy was born at East Coast Park with other puppies, and was lucky enough to be rescued to be sent for adoption.

We’ve been following these two sweeties for quite some time on Instagram. They are always using their eye power while Jasmine practices her yoga moves. ;)

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It definitely wasn’t easy for Jasmine to cope between her full time job as a software designer, part time yoga instructor, and her voluntary works at Exclusively Mongrels. But her passion does drives her going!

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The posters for adoption drives at Exclusively Mongrels are done by her as well!

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Besides bringing down 30 yoga mats, Vivre brought down our items for sale as well, with proceeds donated to Exclusivly Mongrels.

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Isn’t the little girl who joined in the yoga session with us really cute? She’s only 5 years old and is her first time trying it out!

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It was a great 90 minutes yoga session, and it did attract lots of attention of those at the park!

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We managed to raise a total of $338 on that day! It might not be a very huge amount, but we are proud to say our efforts did paid off. Thank you for all those who made it down to join us, and donated!

Do visit Exclusively Mongrel’s facebook page to find out more about their adoption drives and ways to donate! :)