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Based on 4970 reviews
Good support

Vivre activewear sports bras always provide great support and flatters my body.

Nice colour

Vivre activewear always produces such good quality tights. Love it.

Well organised and HUGE selection!!

Well organised and HUGE selection!!

Comfy bra

Love the colour and how fitting it is

Fave tights

Great for any workout - my go to pair!

Super comfortable tights!

Love it

Favorite shorts

This has been my favorite shorts ever since! I own many colors from the same style, hope they will restock the bold colors like Galactic & Dark Emerald :)

Soft & hug the tummy well

I like how soft and at the same time hug the tummy well. Wish it comes in other bold colors!

Comfy & functional

Love how comfortable and functional the short is. Perfect for running or even daily wear!

Very flattering

The skirt is so flattering! It gives extra energy & confidence boost when I do tennis :)

Great sales

Well organised and items were sorted according to sizes. Hope to have more warehouse sales!

Strengthen bra

Nice colour

Surge Tights
Surge tights

Nice colour

Stamina tights

Buttery soft comfortable. Nice support considering the softness of the material

Soft material, nice colour

My 2nd purchase.. love the material, soft, and give enough support. Love the adjustable hook at the back as well.


easy to wear and take off

Not worth

Sorry but I don’t really think it’s worth going.
A lot of the stocks were stained with make up. It was as if they were the bad stocks from stores. And it wasn’t exactly cheaper.

Super organized!

Loved the WHS! Enjoyed it so much because the layout was so convenient.

Everything was sorted out by sizes & crowd wasn’t too bad either :) overall a great experience.

Great warehouse sale

Was very well organised given scale of the event. Little to no watiting things were well organised. Well done

Warehouse Sale

Awesome warehouse sale! Glad managed to snag the ticket!


length is great for a size 4! doesnt shrink in the wash! perfect as a throw over after working out or as a day to day tank!


the material is so soft. great for day to day wear as well.
not too short for a 164cm. gotten a size 4. fits true to size.


Loved the items and pricing. Hoping for one again soon

Warehouse sales

Smooth transaction for entry and payment. Even though the location can be a little more accessible. But all good, thanks for the sales:)


2nd time going to the WHS.

Well organized overall. Hope more items for different sizes can be on hangers next year. And of course, another WHS soon!