Frequently Asked Questions

What is vMember?
The lifetime vMembership is presented to valued customers who have accumulated a total purchase of SGD500 under their accountwith us.

Of course, a big t
hank you for all your utmost support and love for our brand!
How to be eligible?
Accumulate at least a total spending of SGD500 (or equivalent for other currencies) under one email address account (for both online and in-stores purchases) with us.

Best part? It is a lifetime accumulation period, and so your accumulated spendings will never expire! 

How do I sign up to be a vMember?
Simply create a customer account using a registered email address, checkout your purchases under this account and accumulate your spendings!

In Our Retail Stores
Our retail staff will offer to help you create a customer account with your name and
an email address.

We strongly encourage every customer to use the same email address for purchases online and in-stores. This is to ensure that your spendings with us are trackable towards the SGD500 spending accumulation.

How do I use my vMember?
Simply key in the discount code "vMember" during checkout.
Of course, do ensure that you are already logged into your customer account, or at least using the same registered email address at every guest checkout.

At Our Retail Stores
Simply furnish your email address to our retail staff
before you make payment! If you are eligible, they will apply the vMember discount on your purchase.

What are the perks?
Regular Purchases
Enjoy 5% off storewide, and can be used in conjunction with one other promotion/sale/voucher.

Purchases During Birthday Month
Enjoy an additional 5% off storewide during your birthday month (i.e. 10% storewide discount in total).
This is only applicable
to purchases at our retail stores.
Please allow our retail staff to verify your birthday with a valid ID.

Other Perks

Enjoy exclusive invitations to our partner’s events, free classes and be in the loop for our members’ only promotions!

I cannot find my in-store purchases under my orders history.
Our online store and retail stores operate on different systems. Therefore, purchases made at our retail stores are tracked separately from your online orders. However, you can be assurred that the spending accumulation towards being a vMember is tracked from both ends. 
Terms & Conditions
The vMember discount:
- Is applicable for items on sale;
- Can be used in conjunction with other vouchers
- Can be used when paying for purchases using a Gift Card
- Cannot be replaced should your account information be misplaced
; and
- Cannot be used on purchase of Gift Cards.