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It is not easy to find quality workout/yoga apparel under the price range of $70. And today, i am  excited to share with you a local active-wear label in Singapore!

I’m super particular when it comes to workout clothes! hey also because its my uniform. Having a top that isn’t to long and a bottom that isn’t ridding up my butt makes a hell load of difference. I want to be able to do my exercise in comfort and not keep adjusting my top every repetition, also i want something that i can wear out looking chic.

Vivre Activewear is a local start-up by a super talented yoga enthusiast who seeks to bring affordable and beautiful clothing to yogis in Singapore and all over the world. Choose from a wide range of tops, bottoms, sports bra, and yoga towels from their store! Prices range from $30 to $60. Vivre also offer exchanges within 7 days should items received does not fit/ is not up to your expectations, so you can have a worry-free online shopping experience with them.

I swear that the material for the tops are to die for, and with an in build bra you do not need to buy another set of sport bra. I have another top that I’ve yet to get a photo with, its a toga top and I’ve been given compliments that it accentuate my shoulders!

Here are 3 of my favourites! YES it is that affordable!  I’ve got 2 pairs in my closet and you should too since you will be getting a discount!

No its not only for yoga! i workout in it and felt so much cooler in the top! perhaps its the material!



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Website: www.vivreactivewear.com

Facebook: Vivre Active Wear

Instagram: @vivreactivewear

Enquiries: [email protected]











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