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Yoga has been the increasing trend and choice of many who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle without overtiring themselves. I have heard many who opted to take up Yoga out of other various means of exercise due to the benefits that can be reaped. But sweating yourself out doesn’t mean being ugly. You can definitely still bring fashion into your yoga class yet still feeling comfortable!

Just take a look at my first experience at a Yoga class a few months ago. I didn’t have any appropriate Yoga attire so I just put on a random top and shorts. And no, I did NOT feel comfortable one bit! So appropriate yoga wear is important to feel good while doing your moves. So here’s a local online store that offers affordable, quality and gorgeous studio wear that are designed and manufactured by themselves! They also provide non-slip yoga towels and eco-friendly mats (highly raved by Yoga teachers!) that are sold at only half the price you can find outside.


Comes in sizes Small, Medium & Large.
Restriction of movement is a definite no-no when it comes to exercising, doing Yoga specifically. So the perfect top is extremely important to enable your body to attain the maximum benefits from the various accurate Yoga movements. The Flowy Tank Top from VivreYogaWear is made to have a relaxed fit at the waist while the build in interior shelf bra provides support. Furthermore, the stretchable draped bodice allows complete freedom of movement so now worries at all!

They definitely did not leave fashion behind by pairing the black internal bra with a light mint green shade. Talk about being fresh and inspired! Made from Nylon and Lycra Spandex, I felt really comfortable wearing it for all exercises, be it Yoga or running. Despite being able to support my boobs at the front, the rest of the top feels like second skin; no restriction of movements at all. Not to mention as it’s flowy, you don’t have to keep sucking in your stomach. One less thing to worry about!

yoga towels pocket group


Comes in 3 lovely colours Mauve, Turquoise & Violet.
For those dynamic hot classes, this quick drying towel is perfect to lay on top of your yoga mat to prevent any slipping accidents. VivreYogaWear has thoughtfully anticipated the problem of misplacing all your personal belongings like keys, money and cards that they have designed one with hidden pocket! Amazing right?


Comes in sizes Small, Medium & Large.
I usually have a difficult time trying to find the perfect bottom wear when I exercise. It’s either the shorts are too tight to work out as freely as I want to, or it’s too loose that I can’t wear it at all. Hands up if you can relate the toughness to strike a balance with your bottom wear! So here’s a god-send – VivreYogaWear’s Yoga Skorts.

First off, I’m elated that it’s a pair of skorts! Shorts and skirt in one. You’ll be able to move freely as well as look pretty at the same time. A hindrance that the skirt lining keeps tickling you? You’ll be able to scrunch it up with the elastic band. The thick mid-rise t band hugs perfectly around my waist area and is again comfortable to wear.


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