Featuring: Elixir Juice SG

Recently, Elixir Juice was kind enough to deliver 3 days worth of cold-press delights to us. During a recent chat with Gabriel, the founder of Elixir Juice. He mentioned they did not start off with the idea of promoting juice cleanses, what Elixir had in mind was to promote a lifestyle. By simply incorporating 1-2 bottles of freshly cold-press juices each day, one will be meeting their daily requirement of fruits and vegetables intake.


Meeting Gabriel from Elixir Juice

However (due to overwhelming requests), should you like to try a juice cleanse with Elixir Juice, below is a cleansing plan he had carefully planned out for us!

Day 1) Breakfast Veggie Buffet X 2, Attention Master X 2, Vitamin C-Rup X 2

Day 2) Breakfast Fruit Buffet X 2, Power Glow X 2, Away with Stress X 2

Day 3) Brilliant Shake X 2, Iron Man X 2, Radiant Maiden X 2


My Juicing Experience

I have to admit I did not strictly comply to the juice cleanse. Firstly, I am not disciplined/determined enough to do it. Secondly, I have been taking good care of my health and do not see the need of going into a strict detox juice cleanse.

I take about 2 bottles a day, and they are enough to keep my diet in check as it minimized all my cravings for unhealthy food.

Shared the juices with my family so that they can all enjoy the goodness!


Personal Reviews

Basically they are all pretty tasty. Even my brother who hates veggies had 3 bottles, and I guess it is a good option for kids who dislike their veggies. They might slowly grow to like the taste! It is also a great pre-breakfast drink. As I have try not to eat after 8pm, I always wake up in the morning really hungry. But after taking one bottle, the cravings for huge amount of food just disappear.

Personally I feel that the Iron Man (comprising of kale, spinach, apples, broccoli, beetroot and green bell pepper) really aids my digestion. I love the taste of Vitamin C-Rup, but it gave me a little bloat on my tummy (and I don’t feel hungry for the whole night).


Hassle-Free Benefits

I have a normal juicer at home myself, but it is really a hassle to purchase a variety of fruits and veggies, prepare them, and washing the juicer is a headache. I can now have them on the go. Especially great when I am rushing for several appointments.

Oh Oh, and I do feel lighter and easier to do my yoga practices!!

On a random thought, I feel that Elixir Juice will be a great gift to your parents/ grandparents!

Our Gift to You

We would love to bring some goodness to you and family! For every $85 transacted on Vivre Active Wear’s products in a single receipt, you will receive a $10 Elixir Juice voucher!

*This promo is will be available to all from 6 Aug – 16 Aug 2014.

You can read up more about Elixir Juice at www.elixirjuicesg.com. Cheers!