Kids Yoga at Fei Yue!

Vivre had the opportunity to sponsor our “magic-carpets” to the students at Fei Yue Student Care Centre on 23rd and 24th of June 2014, and it was the most fun-filled yoga sessions I have attended thus far.

If you have been wondering if your kids will enjoy yoga sessions, you might like to check the sneaks below! :)

fei yue 1

We started off with introduction of the teachers and kids.

fei yue 2

The students were told to share something they are thankful about each day. Some said friends, parents, food, and their body!

fei yue 4Then its the animal dance for warm up! Shake your body sideway, down, up~~

fei yue 5Down dog, plank, kiss your mat, up dog~

fei yue 6

And more warm ups….. Till the adventure starts below!  The children were told that they will be brought to Egypt!

fei yue 7 Each got onto their “magic carpets”! So happy to see them actually coordinating even though they are smart enough to know its all simply imagination.

fei yue 8

And we are here!! We saw camels~

fei yue 9

And lets get onto our boat again and row~

fei yue 10

We passed by pyramids, mummies, and got so tired rowing the boat escaping crocodiles.

Thats about it, we are back to Singapore! Playing musical cards games and continuing to master more poses!

fei yue 11

So everyone dances around and grab a card when the music stops.

fei yue 12They loved it, and the teachers ended the session teaching them more breathing techniques.

fei yue 13

Ahh so sweet these kids, they helped me to clean my mats real clean!! I asked my photographer to sneakily snap these for me, and he said: “eh, I can snap, but you better don’t post, look like child abuse”

Tsk Tsk. Isn’t this basic good habits? ;)

fei yue 14

The reviews from the kids are that “the session is too short!!” “I will join again!” and “I don’t like breathing exercises” haha.

Lastly, a big thank you to the dedicated teachers, enthusiastic kiddos, and photographer Wayne Loh whom volunteered!

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fei yue 3

fei yue 3