Its Monday. How's your Weekend?

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There’s something about the vibes on mondays. It just makes me so sluggish. Perhaps because I always vision myself to catch up with lots of work on Monday, but cooping myself at home never once worked. Constant stares into the computer and phone just makes me sick. It’s the death of inspirations.

I wonder if anyone does read this space, but I’m gonna use it as my own blogging platform. A little unconventional, but I just don’t see the need to open another blog space. Anymore social media platforms and I’m gonna puke.

Let’s blog about the eventful weekend. On Friday, Kev brought me to USS Halloween Horror Night. Am not a fan of crowd and horror stuffs, but well, new experiences together is always great.


I have zero clue why the others can look so calm in a roller coaster. But besides the rides, USS was too crowded to be scary – and I’m actually pretty thankful about it. Kev asked one of the staffs how long do we had to wait to enter the haunted house, and the staff replied 90 minutes. “Oh wow, ok, thats scary.” Kev answered. Haaaa.

No other pictures because it was just too dark. Ever since I started this business, I must say, a blogger’s job is not easy. Photo taking is not easy, dressing up and maintaining your outlook isn’t easy. I’m just glad its not my job to constantly be in picture. Posing and posting for Vivre’s IG had already taken a toll on me, but I guess hard work pays off! We’ve hit 2.1k followers in 6 month’s time! Thank you all, we’ll definitely work hard to bring you even more amazing stuffs!


Saturday was then spent working + attending a wedding dinner with the family + home with the boy for movie on the couch. That’s my kind of Saturday. Such a perfect mix filled with things and people I love. <3


That’s the movie we watched together. A 10 year old film, but still so good. Cried through the night, constantly telling the boy I’m so sad and I can’t sleep. Getting very emotional at this age, I can’t handle aging and death scenes very well.

Such a thought provoking movie. Love it, but never gonna watch it again. ;)

On a side note, The Drop movie we watched on Sunday is just… unbearably boring. No idea why it has gotten such high reviews. No idea. And now, back to Monday, am trying to get together a fun IG campaign for the month of November. It’s such an impromptu decision, and I really hope to secure the sponsors and give it a go. 10 more days!

-Sylvia, Vivre Active