vMembership Vivre Activewear

The lifetime vMembership is presented to valued customers who had accumulated a total purchase of 500 SGD under their account. Thank you, for your utmost support and love to the brand.

Perks for vMembers:

– 5 percent discount store-wide (online & physical stores), on top of all sales/promotional items (physical stores only)

– Additional 5 percent discount on your b’day month

– Exclusive invitations to our partner’s events, free classes, and be in the loop for our members’ only promotions.

How to use your Vmembership:

– For online purchases, please login and use the discount code "vmember".

– For purchases at Vivre Active’s retail store, simply inform your email address & discount code “vmember” to the staff at the store.

– On your birthday month, you will be entitled an additional five percent discount, applicable only at our retail store upon showing your IC.

– vMembers’ discount is applicable to sale items.

– vMembers’ discount cannot be replaced should account information be misplaced.

-vMembers’ discount is not applicable on gift cards as vMembers’ discount can be used during payment with gift cards.

– Vivre Activewear reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions.

How To Be Eligible

– An accumulated spending of 500 SGD (or thereabout for other currencies) under your email address (applicable both online and offline) with us.

The conversation is automatic once you hit SGD 500 spending in store or online in this new platform. You may log into your account to check your total spending.*

*Spending before 1st December 2020 won't appear here. Contact us to check your total spending and convert your account manually.

After a successful conversion, you will be able to see (vMember) behind your name at the account page.