Review: Reiki Healing at Tirisula Yoga


Sorry we took quite some time to share about our Reiki Healing experience! I was thinking if I could drag this post a little more so I might be able to take additional pictures to go along with it. But well, schedule has been pretty packed and my brain cells are depleting, so I’ll make do with the pictures I sneakily took in class.

Initial thoughts before joining:

I’ve heard alot about Reiki healing from a friend who is also a yoga teacher and reiki healer now. By performing self-healing on herself, she has shared with me the benefits she felt mentally and physically. But for me, I am really skeptical if I can achieve the same effect myself.

To begin with, I’m not a “Zen” person. Even though I practice yoga flows pretty often, I kind of practiced it because I felt physically good (more than the mental part). Am not a fan of the meditation or long deep breathing although I know it should be good for me. Therefore, whenever something has got to do with meditation, chanting, visualizing etc, I usually shun away from it.

With a collaboration with Tirisula Yoga, I was really excited when there is this chance given to attend the Reiki class; to experience this energy myself.


Master Paalu teaching symbols of Reiki Healing.

Part 1 of the Course:

It was an small and cozy setting with a small class of 6 students, and I’m glad to meet two familiar faces in class with me. The class started with Senior Yoga Master, Wei Ling, doing the history and introduction to Reiki energy.

“Reiki  (霊気) is a spiritiual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, and since had been adapted by various teachers of varying traditions. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing or hands-on-healing as a form of alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional medical bodies.”

After going through the theory class, there is an attunement process from the Reiki Master to open the crown, heart and palm chakras for us, and create a special link between the student and the Reiki souce. It is like meditation process whereby we relax our mind, letting the energies channeled into us through the Reiki Master. I don’t know if it was just psychology, but during this process, most of us felt warmth on our palms and crown of the head!

Once the attunement process is completed, we are considered ready to transmit this Reiki energy for ourselves and others. That is where the rest of the course placed focus on.


Part 2 of the Course:


Master Paalu showing an example of “scanning” (diagnosing).

 Of course, just like any healing, a diagnosis is needed to know if there is any part of the body (physically or mentally) that needs it. This part is particularly more complex as there are different chakras to study before you will know the relation of it.

For us as a beginner, we tried healing for each other by scanning the body with our palms (no touching, just feeling at a distance). You will feel certain part of the body giving your palms a tingling/heating sensation, and that probably is the part that requires some healing. It is very interesting when Master Paalu started interpreting our amateur diagnosis.

Personally I do not feel too much of the sensation (once in a while I’ll feel some mild heat), while 3-4 other students got it quite accurately – it was quite amazing when they described it to us. I guess it very much depends on how open your mind is to this Reiki energy.


A depiction of the healing process. It looks kind of funny here though.


Another depiction; me healing Cheryl Anne


We tried Healing Coke! – Pictured: Pamela from Tiriusla Yoga

Some of them manage to make their coke taste less fizzy, less sweet etc. Mine again, wasn’t much of a difference. Maybe just wasn’t concentrating enough!

There are lots of other Reiki healing skills covered in class, such as distance healing etc, which I can’t finish mentioning them here.

My take on the Reiki Course

Reiki is a very spiritual practice, and you must go with an open mind, and also willingness to commit to a regular self-practice before seeing results. For myself, I do feel certain sensation, but others felt alot more than me; and also my boyfriend felt it too when I tried it on him. But I was like: “Are you serious??” Haha. Probably because their body is more reactive to these energies? I don’t know. Gotta try it yourself/ consult Master Satya/ Master Paalu about it!

Tirisula Yoga has been around for more than a decade, providing well-rounded education for aspiring teachers, self-practitioners and public about the many benefits of yoga, including treatments for diseases. If you would like to find out more about the next Reiki Course, do check out the slots at Tirisula Yoga:, or call 8518 4900.


Pamela Yeo, Cheryl Anne, and Myself – Choreographed by Pamela.

Can’t end a class without striking a yoga pose! It had been really fun meeting this two ladies in class! ;)

Signing off,

Sylvia Lim, Vivre Active Wear