Active Power Grip Hand Towel

Active Power Grip Hand Towel

USD 18.00

Why we design this

Tune up your practice with our Unicorn Power Grip Hand Towel, which comes in a blend of 4 unique tie-dye colors! This towel can double up as both a face and hand towel, to either help you freshen up after a satisfying workout, or keep you in place on your mat, without sliding off especially in holding postures, with its sweat-activated grip.

Begin your sweat-fresh routine with our hand towel today!

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Product Details

– Fabric: Tie-Dye Microfiber

– Towel Dimension: 18″ (46cm) X 24″ (61cm)

– Weight: 100 grams

– Velvet-like finish, ultra absorbent, sweat activated non-slip grip, quick dry, unique tie-dye colours

– Care instructions: Wash it separately for the first 1-2 washes to prevent the dye from bleeding onto your clothes. It is recommended to dry them under the sun, or tumble dry in low setting.

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