Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

SGD 45.00

Our yoga mats are made from biodegradable TPE synthetic rubber. It is designed with a textured surface, and the anti-slip properties allows us to stay grippy in poses. The cushioning has been increased for your comfort when doing inverted poses.

To get a better understanding on the differences between the materials of yoga mats, read about them here.

Length: 183cm. Width: 61cm. Thickness: 0.6cm

Weight: 815grams

Washing guide: click onto this link.


Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Properties: Lightweight, Soft, Chlorine free, Latex free, Natural non-slip properties, Ec0-friendly

Length: 183cm. Width: 61cm. Thickness: 0.6cm

Weight: 400grams

Colour: Pink, Blue, Dark Green, Mystic Purple, Meadowbrook (in-stores only), Red

*Yoga mat strap/bag is not included


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