Vivre Yoga Wheel

USD 69.00

We’ve got your back! Made with eco-friendly, non-slip, non-toxic, and waterproof TPE material, Vivre Yoga Wheel is definitely your best friend to bring you a step closer to perfecting those back-bending poses.

The multi-purpose prop not only helps to open up the front of your body such as chest, abdomen, and hip flexors, but can also act as your alignment guide at inversions.

Click onto this link for our beginners guide to using Yoga Wheels.


Properties: Eco-friendly, Water-proof, Non-slip, Non-toxic

Material: ABS (Thermoplastic Polymer), TPE (Thermoplastic Rubber)

Measurement: 33cm Diameter, 13cm Width, Rubber is 0.6cm Thick

Colours Available: Amethyst Violet, Mint Green, Persian Pink, Caribbean Blue