Yoga Paws
Yoga Paws
Yoga Paws

Yoga Paws

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Yoga Paws are non-slip yoga gloves worn on your hands or feet, staying true to their logo “The Yoga Mat You Wear.” YogaPaws function perfectly on any surface, keeping you secure in every yoga pose.

They can also be used in conjunction with a yoga mat for hot yoga lovers or those that find themselves slippen and sliden on their “non-slip” mat.  YP are made with a yoga towel liner which absorbs 7 times its weight in moisture, So the more you sweat the more you stick!.  Got sweat?  Get YogaPaws!

About Yoga Paws:

Yoga Paws is a mother/daughter adventure which started in 2001 and officially in launched in 2003. Gail (mother) and Jamie (daughter) Getzwiller share a love for travel and yoga which lead to a natural development of theYogaPaws. Over the past 8 years they have embarked on a journey of love and working dedication to produce the best “Paws” possible. Yoga Pawshave been a product and company that cares about spreading the love and allowing all the yogi’s around the world to enjoy as non-slip practice Anytime Anywhere.


Product Details

Elite’s properties: Lightweight, Padded, Moisture absorbent, Eco-friendly, Natural rubber for hands and feet

SkinThin’s properties: Lightweight, Lightly padded, Moisture absorbent, Eco-friendly, Natural rubber for hands and feet

Weight: 140 grams

Colour: Classic Black

Size 2: 6.5″-8″ (Fits 95% of women’s size)

For more information on sizing:

Washing Instructions: The easiest and best way to wash your Yoga-Paws grips is to flip them inside out, so that the towel lining is exposed, put them back on like gloves and wash your hands under the sink in cold water a gentle soap. Best to wash after each use.