Take Your Exercise Further with Our Yoga Accessories

Enhance your practice in ways you never thought possible. Vivre Activewear offers an exceptional collection of yoga accessories that help you get more from every session. Designed for those new to the practice and for those who’ve already made it a core part of their life, our accessories help to make your exercise safer, more enjoyable, and more beneficial to the body.

There are some accessoriesno yogapractitioner should be without, and at Vivre Activewear, we want to make quality gear accessible to everyone in Singapore. We offer a diverse collection of high quality accessories at some of the most competitive prices in the city, helping everyone find something to help them. Browse our collection today and discover something for your next session.

Accessories for yoga beginners & experts

Whatever you’re looking for, find it at Vivre Activewear. With everything from headbands to travel-friendly yoga mats and hand towels in our collection, there’s something to help everyone get more from their exercise. Sourced from only the best quality manufacturers and suppliers, our yoga accessories are sure to be an asset to you week after week in class.

In addition to an extensive range of yoga mats and towels, we also stock a range of exercise aids to help you master every pose in your routine. From yoga wheels for those back-bending asanas to stretch straps to help you extend your reach, there’s something for every practitioner in our collection. We also offer the unique and highly useful Yoga Paws – “The Yoga Mat You Wear”. These non-slip gloves are worn on the hands and feet, helping you get a grip on even the slickest surfaces.

Something for every yoga practitioner

Find the perfect piece for your next exercise at Vivre Activewear. Browse our catalogue today and discover why we’re a favourite of practitioners across Singapore and around the globe.

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