Beautiful, Breathable Printed Yoga Pants for Women

Choose comfort and flexibility for your next exercise. Vivre Activewear offers an exceptional collection of high-quality tights for yoga practitioners across Singapore, helping you reach further and get more from your practice.

A good pair of tights is something no one doing yoga should be without. The wrong bottoms can lead to chafing, rashes and can constrict your movement. At Vivre Activewear, we want to make quality accessible, offering superior yoga apparel that moves just like you do at affordable prices. If you’re looking to make the smarter choice for your next yoga class, browse our collection today and discover something you can always feel comfortable in.

Look good, feel even better in our yoga pants

Vivre Activewear knows that there’s no one way to be a yoga practitioner, so we offer our yoga tights in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes. Whether you’re looking for something basic for everyday home exercise or want something a bit more daring and colourful, we have something for you. Available in a range of cuts including everything from high-rise to full and three-quarter length printed yoga pants, there’s something that everyone can feel comfortable in in our range.

Made from the best materials to the strictest quality standards, our tights are sure to support you through class after class. Whether you’re just learning the basics of yoga or are looking to take your practice further, there’s no better partner on the mat than our range. Take a look at our collection and discover an indispensable part of your wardrobe today.

Only the best in yoga apparel for women

Order today from Vivre Activewear and have your new tights delivered straight to your door anywhere in Singapore, helping more people in more places exercise the right way.

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