Studio Review – Barre2Barre Singapore

Having tried yoga for almost 2 years now, I do get indifferent sometimes. Thus, when something fresh came along, especially one that’s familiar to me – incorporation of the mind-body of yoga – I was stoked.

Facilities @ Barre2Barre Singapore

Barre2Barre Singapore is located at 42A Hongkong Street, right opposite Central at Clark Quay. It’s pretty accessible by foot (5 minutes walk from Clark Quay MRT station, Exit A), and a prominent minimalistic signboard can be easily spotted from far.

As I set foot in the studio, I’m greeted with their self-formulated mat spray scent that filled the enclosed space. The studio is fully air-conditioned, and classes are held in an open environment (which explains the lingering of the scent) just beside the reception area. I especially love how the studio has an intimate and homely set-up – a super cozy couch, surrounded by pretty merchandises, woman’s magazines and up-to-date R&B music.

Beyond a purple door (on the left as you enter the studio) where the lockers are, together with a freshen-up zone, 1 washroom and 1 shower room. The team has even thoughtfully provided a great range of products – moisturizer, dry shampoo, lip balms, face care etc. – to complete your experience at the studio.

As most other studios, towels and water (via a dispenser) are provided.

Classes @ Barre2Barre Singapore

Georgia and I tried 2 of their pretty popular classes: Barre+Yoga and Barreamped Mixed Levels. Both are 50-minute long, and kept at a maximum capacity of 12 students to ensure that you get adequate space and attention, which we really like – the exact contrary to bigger studios we are used to.

Barre+Yoga is a mixture of barre techniques and basic yoga poses such as downward facing dog and chair pose. The first half of the class is purely Barre – basically, a toning session not just with your body weight, but also props like light weights, barre exercise ball, straps and the barre itself. The second half is more of restorative yoga – stretching out and cooling down your muscles.

As for Barreamped Mixed Levels, muscle aches were real. It’s basically 50 minutes straight of toning exercises, and it’s normal if you get jelly legs as you step out of the studio, so don’t worry (LOL).

Overall, for both classes:

• GREAT toning session
• Relatively fast with short, manageable reps and non-repeated exercises.
• A much greater range of dynamic movements that gets your heart pumping.
• Learn to be mindful of your form over your speed.

• Dry throat as its air-conditioned, so always remember to hydrate yourself.
• Sweat level is minimum due to the air-conditioning.

I highly recommend beginners to try out barre because it is really practicable, and toning results can be felt right after your first class!

Teachers @ Barre2Barre Singapore

Georgia went for Denise’s class for Barre+Yoga, and she’s such a ball of positive vibes and energy! You can really feel her passion in doing what she likes as she speaks – her bubbly character yet toned frame says it all.

As for me, I chose Rachel’s class, Barreamped Mixed Levels and she’s so cute! She saw how we were all struggling through the reps, so she shortens her counts and made the class more bearable!


I was stoked then, and now I’m sold.

To be honest, I didn’t expect myself to love Barre. For a first, Barre2Barre makes me feel really welcomed –awkwardness is something I hate to deal with in a foreign environment. Secondly, if you’re looking for a quicker fix to tone up your muscles, a barre class sure does the trick.

To allow more first-timers like Georgia and myself to try out the highly raved barre classes at Barre2Barre, the team has generously opened up 3 morning classes on 29 April, Saturday, for Vivre’s customers!

Deets are as follows:

0930am – Barreamped Bootcamp (Jessica)
1030am – Barre Yoga (Denise)
1130am – Barreamped Mixed Levels (Nicole)

If you’re interested, simply book the community class via our website link here, where the classes are priced at $10/class.

Upon completion of each class that you’ve registered and paid for, we’ll be giving you, in return, a $10 Vivre voucher that can be used at our physical stores at Wisma or Bugis!

We look forward to seeing you at the barre and #shaketochange with the Barre2Barre team!