Vivre Active Wear

Hi all, Vivre Yoga Wear is now Vivre Active Wear!

vivre active wear launch 2


This is to make known to our clients and customers that our apparels are not only suitable for yoga, but are designed to be suitable for most sports and exercises. There are 3 areas we look into when approving each apparel.

1) Design – We make the designs are in-trend and are pretty enough to be worn even onto streets. Colours are part of the design as well, and we are constantly in the look out to explore new chirpy colours and printed fabrics.

2) Cut – We improve on the cuts and size to be made flattering to the body shape of Asian women.

3) Fabric – Lightweight, moisture-wicking, and stretchy are the basic properties of our apparels.

Here are some reviews from some of our customers. and more can be seen here.


Since June, we have improved tremendously on our apparels, and are ready to bring you an even wider range of gorgeous and quality activewear. Prices will range from $35-$50 for our premium range of activewear. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or sign up for our Mailing List to be informed of upcoming launches! :)