Vivre Activewear Capsule Collection ft. Denise Keller

Vivre Activewear Capsule Collection ft. Denise Keller

Vivre Activewear is excited to announce its first-ever fashion collaboration with local bred model turned TV-host and yoga instructor, Denise Keller, to launch a capsule collection amidst the rise of athleisure trend, allowing you to go beyond the gym and/or studio to an all-day outfit.

The collection unifies Denise’s ideology of a fashionable athletic wear and Vivre’s prowess in the fitness arena as a provider for stylish, reliable and high-performance clothing.

For most of Vivre’s followers, it is more often than not that they are on a constant lookout for fashionable athletic gear. For anyone, it would kill to just stand in a fitness model’s closet for a mere 10 seconds to just bask in all the fashion greatness. Unfortunately, we can’t but we can always settle for the next best alternative – To curate a collection that mirrors their wardrobe.

How it all happened

Poise Active Crop Top and Merriment Mesh Performance Tights

The birth story of this collaboration sparked off with one fateful cover shoot by Yoga Journal Singapore, where Vivre was approached to provide active gear, and Denise was the cover girl.

When asked to recall their first impression of each other, Sylvia Lim, the brains behind Vivre Activewear said, “We fell in love with the warm, bold and confident vibes Denise exudes the very first time we met her.” Denise’s take, on the other hand, of Vivre’s gear is a short and sweet “Comfy, Elegant and Fitting” that summed up the goodness of Vivre’s apparels.

According to Lim, Denise has been very supportive of the brand, and the duo do meet each other once in a while since they first met, whenever they have new ideas to share. Ideas get bounced off each other and designing a yoga capsule line was something both agreed would be a memorable milestone of their friendship.

The design inspiration behind the pieces in this collection is a genuine reflection of Denise’s journey as a yoga teacher, teaching different yoga genres over a span of four years. A teacher she may be, she too realizes that there is an immerse fulfillment talking to her students, who in exchange engulf her with thought provoking encounters.

One of her design philosophy is her desire to want to empower women; empowering them to be confident about how they look, and feel good about themselves, especially so for her post-natal students, who had gone through a noble transformation.

Empower Active Sports Bra and Merriment Mesh Performance Tights

Intentionally, for instance, the leggings were made with foldable and non-restrictive high waistband to create versatility and allow women to fit in easily, be appreciative and proud of how they look even when they are out of reach and away their comfort zone.

Declared Denise, “It was a pure joy working with Vivre on the capsule line. I love that I was able to choose fabric, color, and design based on my yoga practice.” Similarly for Lim, “I’m very excited to be given the chance to introduce a capsule collection reflecting Denise’s style and character.”

All-in, the entire project spanned half a year, from the brainstorming phase to the final products consumers will see on the racks.

Added Lim, “Denise has been a breeze to work with. She’s very direct and certain of her ideas, and trust us fully to produce the results. We are extremely thankful for such support extended to local brands like ours. The final products have definitely exceeded my expectation. This capsule collection is a fresh take from our usual styles.”

Gladly the same for Denise, “I’m happy with the final products. I hope women will enjoy the final products as much as I enjoyed designing them.”

What’s brewing

Empower Active Sports Bra, Smile-Asana Loose Tank and Merriment Mesh Performance Tights

This pioneer collaboration of Vivre was also designed in mind of Denise’s favorite details on her fitness gear; bright bold colors with strappy details on the sports bras and crop tops, high-waist, no-dig full length tights with mesh details, and loose tanks with huge armholes for an added tinge of casual vibes. Usually overlooked, minor details such as the optical illusion of the bust straps and the insanely on point positioning of the pockets have nonetheless managed to score Denise’s brownie points.

For an effortless transformation to an all-day formal outfit, simply throw over a casual blazer over our crop top and full-length leggings combi for a suited look. Now you can dress up easily, allowing you to “work to play, and play to work” with just one set of clothing.

In totality:

Empower Active Sports Bra, SGD54

Available in Classic Black, Fiesta, and Deep Lagoon

Poise Active Crop Top, SGD58

Available in Pure White and Moonlit Ocean

Smile-Asana Loose Tank, SGD39

Available in Classic Black and Pure White

Merriment Mesh Performance Tights, SGD79

Available in Classic Black, Snow White and Dark Sapphire

Interestingly, the loose tank is named as Smile-Asana Loose Tank. In yoga, the word “asana” refers to a specific yoga posture. Putting everything together, every pose or action executed by the person wearing the tank is a true reflection of happiness and enjoyment. Quoting Denise on her inspiration behind the naming of the loose tank, “As a yoga teacher, I love to see my students smile in class. This is part of my daily mantra and it really help to boost the mood up collectively. Sometimes we need these little reminders in life.”

Since there is literally something for everyone in this collection that never goes out style, we are all a step closer to creating a designer wardrobe we can call our own.

The collection will be sold online at, as well as in-store at Vivre’s Wisma Atria outlet, #B1-04 from 14 December 2017 onwards