Vivre Yoga Towel Reviews: Vaporizer Vs Grip-It

Due to popular request, we have added a new Grip-It towel to our store! This is our first yoga towel reviews. I personally have an equal love for both Vaporizer and Grip-It Towel as they have different unique qualities.


As you can see, the Vaporizer Towel has got a suede smooth and soft texture as compared to the Grip-It Towel. The Vaporizer towel is thus more gentle to the palms. Of course, when compared to a normal bath towel provided by most yoga studio, the Grip-It Towel‘s texture is still way softer and more comfy.


The unique feature of the Grip-It Towel that made it so popular is because of the additional silicon beads you find at the base of the towel. This enhances the grip between the towel and the mat so that it doesn’t flip up in the midst of big poses. The Vaporizer Towel does hold on to the mat, but not as firm when compared to the Grip-It Towel.


A feature that the Vaporizer Towel has is the zipper pocket. It has an pocket measuring 7.9″ (20cm) X 7.9″ (20cm) at the corner of the towel; for storage of your keys, tags, phone etc. This is not found in the Grip-It Towel.

Our Personal Choice

My partner prefers the Vaporizer Towel as he feels that he loves the texture and feel that the grip is slightly better. I personally prefer the Grip-It Towel as it saves me from re-adjusting the mat halfway through practice. When I was using the Vaporizer Towel previously, I tend to re-align the corners slightly, about 1-2 times in a 1 hour class.

In Summary

Below is a comparison chart we have came up with. Both towels are good enough to enhance your hot yoga practices, and it is up to personal preference on which are the details you are more particular with.


So which one is your pick? Shop them both here!

*Updated: introducing our new Active Power Grip Towel here.