Here's my Sunday's Trial Photography

Hope you had a great weekend. Excited to share with you some fun shots with credits to wayneloh-photography. So glad to have him as Vivre’s photographer. Superb lighting set-up, and he plays around with his lenses very well. His rates are very reasonable too!

Pardon the amateur yoga poses because there was no mirror in front of me and the backdrop cloth kept slipping here and there. It was just a 1/2 hour trial session for myself. Proper shots featuring apparels’ details will be taken when stocks are in!

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Sometimes I wish it’s April now, whereby Vivre is ready for her launch. Yet at the same time, I’m loving every moment building up the foundation I don’t want time to fly pass. I’ll make it worth the wait!

There are more news and updates to share, but gotta spread them up for subsequent posts~!