Yoga Fundraiser For Animals Lovers League

Done with another fundraising event! We have Elaine from Yoga Tribe, and Infuusa Tea with us.


You probably would have realized many of our fundraising events has got to do with animals. Well, I did wonder a bit on it too. But after some research, I realize all animal shelters in Singapore do not receive any funds from the government (even SPCA). So it is purely through donations for rental of kennel spaces, animals’ food, medical, holding adoption drives etc.

So we started the day early by waking up at 7am. I really dislike commitments in the morning (unless we are catching flights for overseas trip :D ). I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

S IMG_1813

Vivre’s only manpower.

S IMG_1820

Animals Lovers League’s representatives made their way down to support this mini fundraiser!


Compared to my previous job, whereby I have to move countless pianos and chairs to make space for event, laying yoga mats is way way easier. ;)

S IMG_1797

And people starts streaming in! I’ve learnt to keep calm at event’s attendance. Part of the crowd will always be late!!

S IMG_1803

S IMG_1812

And yayy, the yoga session started. Normally during events I’ll be sitting in a corner, or taking pictures, and after which, start dreaming about lunch.

S IMG_1811 S IMG_1805

Didn’t know the pictures I took from my camera actually turned out pretty well.

S IMG_1815

My favourite! Always love yoga poses whereby we need to support each other. It allows us to stretch or hold much more!


Yay, the fundraising was a success! If you have missed this, we have another upcoming one for Exclusively Mongrel. See ya there!

Downward-Dog-For-A-Cause (3)