Yoga Leggings Pants

Set yourself up for success in your next class. Vivre Activewear offers a range of cropped and full length yoga workout pants and leggings, helping women across Singapore get the flexibility they need in the gym.

Every good athlete knows the importance of quality gear, and yoga is no exception. Having the right pants can ensure that you have full range of movement and avoid painful or irritating chafing and rashes. Vivre Activewear makes the best accessible, providing some of the best yoga bottoms on the market at some of the most competitive prices in Singapore. If you’re looking to stock your wardrobe or need to replace some worn out tights, we’ve got the thing for you. Take a look at our catalogue and find something perfect for you today.

Achieve the results you’re looking for in our yoga pants

Yoga means different things to different people, so Vivre Activewear wants to make it easy for everyone to find gear that suits their needs. With an extensive range of colours, sizes, cuts and designs, there’s a pair to suit every taste and every body. From basic neutral tones for everyday home wear to more brightly patterned models that help you make a splash in your next session, we have something to suit your style, whatever it is.

You have to put quality in to get quality out, so Vivre Activewear offers only the very best in bottoms. Made using superior materials to the strictest quality standards, you’re guaranteed a great fit and the best comfort when you shop with us.

Order for delivery across Singapore & around the world

Make the smarter choice for your next session and order with Vivre Activewear today. Got a question about our range? Get in touch via our enquiry form and one of our staff will be happy to help you.

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