Product and Laundry Care


1) Using The Appropriate Detergent

We recommend using powder over liquid detergent, as the powder will dissolve and thoroughly clean your activewear. 

Strictly avoid detergents that contains bleach and fabric softeners. Do not spot-clean with solvents.

2) Pre Wash Before Wearing

Washing new clothes “reduces the content of chemicals,” especially residual chemicals that may be left over from the manufacturing process. 

Another reason to wash new clothes is to wash out extra dye that can be transferred to your skin or other garments.

3) Wash With Like Colours

For bright colour apparels, it is strongly encouraged to wash them separately for the first wash. The usual practice of separating whites, bright and darks applies.

4) Use A Laundry Net

Place your activewear separately in a laundry net to prevent cotton fluff, velcro, zippers or other rough fabrics getting on the delicate performance fabric. Turning your activewear inside out before washing will also prevent fading and pilling of your activewear.

5) Machine Wash With Cold Water

Wash it in a washing machine in cold water. A full cycle of wash/rinse/spin works. Hand-washing is not recommended as washing technique varies.

Cold water is recommended because it will preserve the colours, fibres and helps with shape retention.

6) Hang Dry

Hanging dry is not only great for synthetic fabrics, it’s also better for the environment. It uses less energy and preserves the shape of your clothing.

It’s ok to tumble dry on low from time to time. Just remember to keep the temperature low.

7) Do Not Soak

Do not soak your activewear in water/detergent for prolonged period. No soaking prior/after washing is required.

It is also recommended to air your activewear if they are soaked with sweat before throwing it into the machine to prevent odour.

7) Do Not Iron

Do not use an iron. Use a steamer if straightening is required.



TPE/PU Yoga Mat

1) You should wash your yoga mat after every 1-5 times of usage, depending on the sweat level and setting.

2) Spray mild soap and gently wipe away dirt with a sponge or cloth.

3) Wash or wipe off remaining soap.

4) Hang mat to dry thoroughly.

To best maintain your cork yoga mat and block, we recommend cleaning the cork surface with a damp cloth and airing it out after every practice! Some sun will also help eliminate any moisture in your cork yoga mat.

Yoga Towel

1) It is advised to wash your new yoga towel alone in cold water for the first wash.

2) Subsequent washes can be machine washed in a laundry net at low temperature.

3) Hang dry thoroughly.

Travel Mat

1) You should wash your towel mat after every 1-5 times of usage, depending on the sweat level and setting.

2) Spray mild soap and gently scrub away dirt with a sponge or cloth.

3) For machine wash, it is recommended to wash the towel mat alone (without other garment as the rubber base might cause abrasion to other apparels).

4) Hang mat to dry (no dryer) thoroughly.