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Love the colour and how it’s quite supportive :)

Comfortable and supportive :)

Fortify Crop

Perfect for petite girls!

Good stuff!

Comfortable tank with great cutting


It feels supportive, as mentioned in the description. However I think it’s not as comfortable as some of the other tights material which are buttery soft. This is a little stiff in comparison. I personally find the length of this not that flattering

Vivre convert

My very first purchase from Vivre and turned me into a convert! I got it in tangerine colour and it’s such a bright and cheery colour which puts me in a great mood for my exercise sessions! The compression makes me feel secure during high intensity workout sessions. For low intensity workouts like yoga I think I will choose to size up

Love it

This is my most frequently worn pair of tights. Have been choosing this over and over again for a trusty pair of tights that works for all my yoga sessions! Only thing is that I’m pear shaped and I had to buy the size which wouldn’t be too tight for my hips, but the waistband is quite loose for me and sometimes it slides down a bit and is not so flattering. Would be better if the waistband could be smaller

Cute and versatile

Bought this in black so that I can also wear it out with regular clothing. Super worth the money! However the top is a little loose for me when working out, I should have sized down (since it’s labelled for low intensity) for a tighter fit. However that’s not a product issue so it still deserves 5 stars!

Love it!

I love that there is good compression but at the same time, the material is soft and smooth and very comfortable to move around in. I use it for both high intensity workouts and yoga and it’s stretchable enough to move comfortably during yoga. I bought the lavender one and it does not have sweat stains even after heavy sweating! Really good quality!

Cute sports bra that can also be worn out

Have been wearing this for a while and it’s of great quality! I bought the lavender colour and it’s cute! Took one star off as the stitching is not that straight at the neckline and it’s a little obvious on a lavender piece. It’s also a little loose for me at the back. But overall, I do feel good wearing it!

Love the colour and the support it has for yoga.

The towel has a super grip for yoga and hot yoga classes

Comfy tights for yoga and other exercise.

It's alright

It has a good amount of compression! No sweat stains/cameltoe with this pair of tights

Great top

Suitable for both sports and leisure. I am a uk6-8 and size 4 fits comfortably without digging into the belly

Great top

Suitable for sports and leisure!! I am a uk6-8 and size 4 fits comfortably.

Really good!!

One of my other fav tights from vivre!! Squat proof and has a really luxe ribbed feel to it

Really good!!

One of my favourite tights from vivre!!! Has pockets and the waistband does not run down during sun salutations.

It's alright

Not the best vivre tights!! It makes you slip if you are attempting arm balances, and also its the only pair of tights that gives me sweat stains :(

No frills sports bra

It is really comfy and sweat wicking! It is not fancy looking but it does its job. Bought two of these!

Cool Biker Design

Love it , good length design

Soft and steerable material

The material is not too thin very suitable for high intense workout

Cute colour

Bought it in a set! Good quality and nice colour.

Great material

Great material. Love the cut, too!

Nice cutting

The cutting is very nice! Immediate buy the second piece