Membership & Point System

Terms & Conditions

- Membership discount cannot be used stacked with vouchers, redeemed rewards, other discounts or promotions.

-Sparks redemption cannot be used on tickets and preorder.

- Tier upgrades are automatic upon hitting the minimum spend

- All existing vMembers have now been upgraded to Momentum Plus

- Due to a change in our e-commerce platform, accumulated spending only applies to all purchases made from 1st Dec 2020 onwards

- If you were previously almost hitting vMember status, please contact us if you have made purchases before 1st Dec 2020! We'll see if we can bump you to Momentum Core ;) ! This does not apply to Momentum Plus & Elite members (due to the instant tier upgrade from vMembership)

- Vivre Activewear reserves the right to amend or remove your Membership privileges at our discretion if you are found to be abusing your membership

- By using our platform and website, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

- Vivre Activewear reserves the right to amend our Terms without prior notice