5 types of people who should consider yoga

“Yoga is not for me because I am not flexible.”

And this is the reason why you have to start building flexibility for a healthier body. Be ready to receive amazing benefits from your yoga practices if you fall into one of the groups mentioned below!


1) Elderly

It is never too late to start practising yoga as it is a low impact workout whereby you can adjust it accordingly to your body limits. With better joints mobility and the right breathing techniques, it naturally slows down ageing and improve overall health. My mom used to jog every day until her joints started to feel pain due to the high impacts on her ankles and knees. She had just decided to join me for yoga at the age of 51. Tomorrow is her first day attending Bikram (hot classic) Yoga, and I’ll be sharing on her progress soon!

2) Stressed Up

Today’s world had became more competitive and less human-friendly to be in. Especially for working adults,  deep stretching and breathing exercises will greatly help in melting away your troubles. You will leave the yoga class feeling alive with an increase level of comfort, confidence, and clear mind.

3) Prenatal

Yoga helps to diminish swelling caused by water retention and promotes blood circulation. It also allows the expectant mother to stretch and opens up the hip, which aids labour process.

Most yoga centres encourage practices only after 12 weeks into their pregnancy. True Yoga, Pure Yoga, and Como Shambhala are some of the many studios which offers prenatal yoga classes.

4) Bodily pain sufferers

Yoga has proven helpful in the management and prevention of joint pain, arthritis, back and neck pain. Especially for people who spends lots of time in front of the computer, a good deep stretch is proven to be as efficient as a $68 full body massage. Start off with mild stretching classes and advance on as your body allows you to.

5) Body builder/ Athletics

As you put on more muscle mass, you tend to loose a bit of flexibility over time. With an increased level of flexibility in the hamstrings, back shoulder and hips, it will potentially decrease the risk of getting torn muscles when doing demanding sports. Stretch for strength!

Get moving now!