Announcement for COVID-19

Dear active buddies, in compliance with the COVID-19 circuit breaker, our retail stores at Wisma Atria and Vivo City will be closed w.e.f 07 April 2020, up until 01 June 2020.

That said, our ONLINE STORE will still be up and running to cater to your active lifestyle needs, with new arrivals launching as usual. 🙌🏼 During this period, to protect our staff’s well-being as well, items purchased online will be packed and mailed solely by us, the owners.

We will also be extending the current promotion – “10OFF” coupon code (for 10% off storewide) – until 01 June 2020 🌟

For all STORE PICK-UPS which have yet to be collected, please kindly send us an email with your order number to arrange for complimentary mailing. We can do it only if there’s existing inventory in the warehouse.

For EXCHANGES, they can only be made at either of our retail stores after 01 June 2020 (unless otherwise stated). We will also be extending the exchange period accordingly – 30 days from the date of purchase, excluding the circuit breaker period.

The health and safety of our customers remains our key priority in these trying times. Stay with us because we will rise to become stronger, together 💪🏼 P.S. Feel free to reach us via email ([email protected]), our website chatbox, IG, and FB for recommendations on sizing and purchase advice.

Message from Kevin

Dear customers,

Thank you for your patience with us and the deliveries during this difficult period of time.

We are still paying our employees salary while they stay at home during circuit breaker. I didn’t reschedule them to work in the warehouse so that they won’t have additional exposure as they are taking public transport.

Only 2 employers are still working backend, and have been always. I can pack 60 orders per hour for apparels. Ninja Van was still delivering all parcels within 1-3 working days till yesterday.

With the arrival of the yoga mats, I can only pack 10 yoga mats per hour. Not to mention the packing process was more complicated as there were different colours, some orders with additional item, some orders with multiple mats of different colours.

As we sold 1 year worth of yoga mats in a day, the whole fulfilment & delivery process got more complicated. Towards the end, I have sent out 8 mats in wrong colours. I had to find 8 (volunteer) customers to have a switch of colour. 3 (out of 8) customers had contacted me about the wrong colour received.

Till now, there were complaints of small bubble holes which may occur during manufacturing process. There are also valid complaints of dents, which is caused during courier. I’m glad all affected customers are understanding and can live with my error and the damage.

We did not increase the price of the yoga mat due to timing sensitivity. We also do not allow any coupon usage on the mat. Here’s a breakdown of where the $45 go to, just for fun.

~4% go to merchant (for collecting your payment via credit card)
~15.5% go to ninja van, for making the delivery
~1% go to the wrapping paper, label etc
~44.4% cost price
7% GST

As I saw how the ninja works with our mats, I do agree that having a bubble wrap or a box is good, but it also means that we have to increase the price by at least 25% (for the material and storage, and the packing process will be slower by 100%. This may means poor customers’ satisfaction. I personally think it’s worse if you have to wait 2-3 weeks for your mat.

Let’s not forget that the crazy demand is only during the circuit breaker, all things will resume slowly later. Customers can purchase the mat in store, and we can send 1-2 mat out on a daily basis and the ninja can handle the delicate mat in a better manner.

Other than the slower courier and yoga mats, we are also experiencing a lot more queries on Facebook, IG, email and WhatsApp. I have to apologise that we didn’t try to start the conversation with a Hi “your name” or end with “you’re welcome” recently, as I have to multiple task with orders fulfilment and customer service. I had also went back to Vivo and took back hundreds of pieces of apparels that were sold out online, hoping that some of you can find apparels of your choice and size.

Pardon my poor grammar and I’m glad it’s not the main part of overall satisfaction to my customers.

Stay safe and see you all again soon

Added more notes about pre-order: I do hope people who are purchasing online to be reading highlighted text in blue box. We are getting orders of pre-order mats with midnight delivery. I’m pretty sure they are not expecting the mat to reach them 1 midnight towards the end of May 2020. If I were to refund in full, we still have a 50 cents charge by PayPal/Stripe. If I were to refund partially, they don’t like paying for nothing.

Hence, for those who bought apparels with mats, we will just refund the mat as stated in the product page. I have to do 2 manual transactions to ensure stock count is correct. Hope you won’t be affected if we do the refund as stock can get low soon, leaving you without a mat.

Update on 20 May 2020.

It’s a more difficult time as we just know we cannot open immediately after circuit breaker. Rental & salaries are still being paid. Hence, please be more understanding if we are unable to offer free exchange by travelling to you, reimburse your return shipping cost etc.

It’s still only the 2 employers working, so the increased workload is shared among the 2 of us instead of the team of 8-10 with 2 stores.

Additional Information

  1. There may be 1-3 working days delay by Ninja Van due to on-going circuit breaker measures. Hence, shipping for ninja van is 2-7 working days.
  2. For local purchases during circuit breaker, exchange period will be extended till 1 month after we re-open our physical stores.
  3. All physical vouchers’ validity will be extended for 3 months.
  4. For vMember’s birthday months on April, May & June, the birthday discount will also be applicable in June/July 2020.

Exchange after circuit breaker
For local purchases during circuit breaker, exchange period will be extended till 1 month after we re-open our physical stores.

Depending on the item, some may not be available in stores. Hence, need to wait for launch, or exchange to other design.

Exchange with our courier service at $10 (Recommended)
For exchange with our courier service, you can checkout the items that you want online and opt for same night delivery ($10, non refundable). Our courier can collect your returned item at the same time. We will refund the returned item after we receive it in good condition.

You may also order more items and get it delivered together.

Usual terms apply.
1: item has to be eligible for exchange. (No marked down item)
2: value of new purchase has to be of equal value or higher value than return items.

Exchange via mailing back to us
You may also opt to mail the item back to us at your cost. Please ship it to
46 Pheng Geck Avenue
Singapore 348241

The return parcel needs to have tracking enable. We will use this as confirmation that we have received it. Coupon code (1-time use in full only) will be issued. If you have bought a $50 item with 10% discount at $45, we will issue a $50 coupon code as 10off etc cannot be used with other code.

For this method, it may take 1-3 weeks for a full exchange. 1 week + for us to receive, $2-5 payment from you to ship it back to us, and another 2-7 working days for ninja van to reach you. Hence, method 2 with $10 courier service is highly recommended.

Usual terms apply.
1: item has to be eligible for exchange. (No marked down item)