Behind the Scenes with Limaran Agustina

Finally taking off some time to share some pictures from our photoshoot with personal trainer and fitness blogger, Limaran Agustina. We had previously been working with Limaran on sponsorships, and her clients who brought our apparels for gym and training sessions have been coming back with raving reviews. So we reckon, why not invite her as a guest model!

The below photos are taken randomly from our Iphone while making sure the photoshoot goes on smoothly.


Small 4

Braided Tank Top and On-the-Move Active Crops

Guess it was a right choice to have a mix of models as compliments have been coming in. Of cos, that doesn’t mean we will stop using Zoe, we still love her style and professionalism. => Counting our lucky stars that both of them are so photogenic and easy to work with. Hope you love them as Vivre’s models too!

Small 5

Sneak preview: upcoming shorts ;)

Small 2

Cross-Cut Sportsbra and On-the-Move Active Crops (Limaran is wearing size M for the Active Crops)

Other than the On-the-Move Active Crops, Limaran fits into most of our size S snugly. And in case you have not check out our size chart, we have pasted it here for your easy reference. (:

Sizing Chart Vivre 3

Do let us know if you have any comments by emailing to [email protected]! On a side note, yoga paws backorder are now opened again due to the overwhelming requests for more colors and sizes. Do seize this chance to order your desired yoga paws (as Christmas gifts, or for yourself)!

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