Are you considering to get a yoga towel

If you are someone who:

1) Likes hot and sweaty classes

2) places a non-grip and rough bath towel over the mat

3) Find direct contact with shared yoga mats unhygienic yet finds it too troublesome to travel with your own yoga mat

4) Find yoga mats slippery when sweat starts dripping on it..

Yes, it is time to invest in a yoga towel to add on your ease during practice!


- Creates a comfortable and clean layer between your body and shared yoga mats

- Absorbs sweat fast and dries up quick, which eliminates slipperiness.

- The non-slip qualities grip your yoga towel firmly planted onto your mat

- Is lightweight (400g), soft, foldable, and easy to wash


Vivre yoga towels are made with 100% microfibers (polyester, or mixed with polyamide - similar to Manduka) that creates its softness, toughness, friction, water absorption, and bacteria filtering capabilities.



They can cost between $30-$60 depending on the size (enough to cover your yoga mat), brand, and the fineness of the microfiber. Retail outlets normally price it higher.

We have made our choice after comparing, and had proudly manufactured our unicorn power grip yoga towels and active grip yoga towels, each in various pretty colours. Since February, these towels had been used and highly raved by ourselves and yoga teachers. Grab them now at only $60.

Checkout with coupon code “vivretowel” now to enjoy 10% off. (for online orders only)

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PS: You can also feel them for yourself at Vivo City #02-56 & Wisma Atria #B1-04