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Happy Monday, girls!

I’ve been coughing like crazy over the weekend (still at it now) so I opted for a relatively easier and shorter trek route for my Sunday workout. It was a great opportunity for me to take my new Vivre Activewear top for its first workout trip!


VIVRE: The Coolest Kid on the Block

Vivre is a rather new local activewear brand in Singapore and it has received overwhelming positive response from so many bloggers/ satisfied customers that I just had to try it for myself. Although Vivre markets itself as a yoga apparel brand, I find that their outfits are sooo stylish and comfortable that it could actually be worn for any kind of exercise – from hiking to crossfit to badminton or even hours of shopping (counts as exercise right?) The best part? Vivre is oh-so-affordable (almost HALF the price of other sports brands) and the quality is superb – from great support to lining to top-notch material, what more can a girl ask for?

vivre activewear review

On a much more personal note, the Escapade Active Tank is my FIRST exercise top that doesn’t require me to wear a sports bra inside because it is well supported with just the right amount of padding and lining. In fact, I believe most of the active tank tops Vivre offers comes with in-built support.

There is no better feeling than enjoying outdoor exercise without having to wear a bra.

Vivre offers international shipping, and you can check them out here! Go crazy!


I decided to start the trek at the forest opening on the right of Ten Mile Junction. I chose to start here because I love the track there which is framed with super tall grass which is a rare sight in Singapore. The track is also wide and relatively flat, which means that it makes the perfect route for a jog/run/cycle. This route is not known by many, which means that even on the weekends, you can expect to bump into less than 10 other people!

bukit timah singapore trek 1

The path is very straightforward, there are no detours or alternative routes that may cause you to lose your way.  Following the track, you can expect to reach the black bridge over Bukit Timah Road (next to Railway Mall) after an easy 4km.

bukit timah singapore trek 2

bukit timah singapore trek vivre activewear

These railway tracks are no longer functioning and I’m really glad that they have been left untouched in a few areas (will be updating more on these remaining tracks soon) because it makes trekking so much more interesting!  The next 3-4 km is continues in a forested area (which is next to the main roads, but thankfully you don’t hear the cars much) and you can choose to continue with your trek beyond bukit timah, but my partner and I always stop at Bukit Timah because we love the food there! Food is our motivation.

Or So They Say!

Next time you run out of movies to watch with your partner, remember that a refreshing trek could be an ultra romantic date alternative <3


All texts and pictures are extracted from Tatum’s Blog.