Customer Review: Jing Xian

I don’t usually go into details of the apparels I bought and this is the first time I’m going to review sports apparel. This is because this online sports apparel shop sells affordable and quality clothes.
After running for 1.5 years and also practicing yoga for almost half a year, I’ve come to realize the importance of good quality sports apparel. Not only does it makes you feel comfortable in it, the thickness and ability to absorb sweat is also a important factor when comes to choosing the right sports wear.
I’m very skeptical when it comes to buying sports apparel online. This is because of the uncertainty of size and also the quality of the sports apparel . Very often, you might end up getting the wrong size and you won’t know what to do with it. It’s not easy to resell it too. Hence, a shop which allow you to exchange is a plus point. I’ve read on their website that they do allow customers to return the apparel as long the tag is on.
I had read many good reviews (from instagrams/bloggers) of Vivre Active Wear and to be honest, the price of their sports apparel is affordable. I’ve always find their sports apparel fashionable, up to date and the color and prints that they manufactured are all very pretty! Pretty sports apparel makes a person happy :) Very often, I find myself caught in between and do not know which color/prints to choose.
Months ago, I bought the Frolic Sports Bra because it’s in my favourite shade of pink!
The back of it.
The material is very very soft. It feels like a second skin when I wear it for my run and the ability to absorb sweat is really good. For a price of $36, I think it’s worth it. A branded sports bra out there can easily costs more than $50. It comes with padding and it’s removable, so you can add in your own padding for your own comfort.

This sports bra is still available here:

Just last week, I received a new top from them. They were having Christmas promotion hence I’m tempted to get sports apparel from them again. One can never get enough sports apparel especially pretty ones! They have recently launched many pretty prints tops/bottoms/sports bra and I’m tempted to get all of them!
I eventually carted out the Exhale Tank Top in baby blue.
I’m always a pink person but I decide to go for a change. I’ve been hunting tops that comes with attached sports bra. It saves the hassle of washing a top and sports bra rather than just a top itself. And also, you’ll just need to wear this one piece and off you go for your exercise session :) The material is also very soft and light!
I aim to wear them to my marathon next year. Love the color of this top because it’s striking enough which makes it easier to spot myself in photos. :)
Love the back of it so much that I can’t help taking a photo with the namaste sign. My palms still can’t really close yet though but it’s much better than the first time I tried it lol.

The top is still available here:

I haven’t really got a chance to wear it out for a run yet because I fell sick since last week. On the route to recovery and I wish to resume my exercise routine really soon.

I hope that Vivre Active Wear will continue producing more pretty and good quality sports apparel in 2015! Definitely looking forward to their new collection!

To see the full range of collection from them, you can visit their website at

All texts and photos are extracted from Jing Xian’s Blog