Diet Tips and Tricks

Three years back if I were to comment anything about healthy eating, you will see me shunning away from this issue. Because I’ll get so sensitive when people comment/exclaim how little or clean I eat.

I can now clearly differentiate healthy eating vs extreme dieting, and here is a clear cut guide for your healthy eating.

My daily intake of goodies for the body

When there isn’t any lunch/dinner dates, my main meals at home will be the below:

egg white omelette 3

1) Eggs

One of the most convenient protein! I can consume about 6 egg whites per day when I’m home, that’s because I don’t really like the yolks. If you like egg yolks, limit your eggs intake to 2-3 per day.


2) Fruits

Natural thirst quencher packed with vitamins. Apples, papayas, starfruits, watermelon.. So yummy and good! However, try to minimize overly sweet fruits like durian, mangoes, lychees etc.

stir fry veggie

3) Vegetables

I love my veggies boiled or lightly stir-fried , and sometimes add in chicken breast, shrimps, tuna, or scallops to make it a wholesome meal. Note to not add in huge amount of gravy or sauce which will defeat the whole purpose of eating healthy.

water collage

4) Water, tea, fruit infused water

Basically, just non-sugary drinks. And also, choose vegetables juice over fruit juices. Celery, tomato, carrot, beetroot!

healthy carbs

5) Carbs

Protein, veggies, and fruits are enough to keep me filled up, but if you require more energy intake, try incorporating these healthy and tasty carbs (barley, sweet potato, shirataki noodles). Shirataki noodles are largely composed of water and glycomannan, a water-soluble dietary fiber (only 5 calorie per 50 gram)! I really love these noodles, but can’t afford to keep having them due to their high cost.

Tips and Cheat Sheet

Beside the usual daily intake, here are some of my diet tricks.

chia seed and psyllium husk

1) Psyllium Husk and Chia Seeds

They are two different type of health food, and I take them interchangeably in my drinks. Chia seeds are packed with nutritional value and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They keep you full, improves digestive system, and provides a whole lot of other health benefits.

Psyllium husk are indigestible source of soluble dietary fiber. They are also used as a regular dietary supplement to improve and maintain regular GI transit.

stevia collage

2) Stevia

On days when I need a sugary fix but do not want to add in additional calories into my diet, I’ll add stevia to my tea or coffee instead. It is a natural sweetener which tastes better than artificial ones like aspartame. However, there are alot of debates about Stevia. So do read them up before you decide to take my advice! :)


3) Seasonings

We all know sauces are the killer, filled with sugar and fats. Good news is we have natural spices! Pepper, salt, tabasco, chilli flakes, vinegar, olive oil, and mustard are enough to keep my dishes and salads interesting.

Common Misconceptions


Puffs and Pastries

Butter, flour and sugar are the main ingredients in pastries, but they are blended and hidden so beautifully, some don’t even know they exist.


Fruit smoothies / Ice blends

Look out for the ingredients, most are packed with sugar, dairy, and creamer. It might be even better to just opt for a good cup of hot chocolate.

non fat food

Non-fat diet food

Many commercialized yoghurt, smoothies, energy drinks and bars will market themselves as non-fat or low-fat. Keep in mind loads of sugar is added in to make it tasty.

instant food

Processed/instant food/premix

Their shelf life are prolonged by adding lots of oil and preservatives, many a times they shock me when I read through the food labels. I’ll do up a post on food labels when I’m free!

vegetables chips

Vegetables Chips

Baked vegetables chips are good, but not the fried ones. Vegetables are like sponges, they absorb a whole lot of oil if you were to deep fry them. So, no matter how good a food naturally is, do still keep in mind the cooking process.

Strictly No-no

There is no such thing as strictly no. I still have my fries and cakes about once a week. Who can resist those yummy treats! However, as you start to eat cleaner, your taste bud get use to it, and will not crave for these treats that much.



Incorporate some form of exercises that you enjoy. Cycling, Swimming, Yoga etc. Make it a point to commit 2-3 times a week at least.

Hope this summarized post helps! This diet guide will not make you skinny. But it will save you time and money visiting the doctor, improve your alertness and productivity. Do leave a comment should you have any query or advices! ;)