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Sylvia, founder of Vivre Activewear has been really kind to pass me some of her pieces to try and I have loved every single piece from Vivre! I know getting workout attire can be really expensive in Singapore and to me, looking good in and out of the gym is important. So, I need to share some of my favorite pieces from Vivre because they are affordable and of great quality! I don’t only wear them for yoga but for HIIT sessions, as well as weight training since I workout in the gym everyday.

vivre 1

vivre 2

vivre 3

vivre 4

vivre 5

vivre 6

vivre 7

vivre 8
vivre 9

vivre 10

Feel free to shop away at www.vivreactivewear.com and on top of the affordable prices. Follow @vivreactivewear too, and get updates on their latest arrivals and happenings!

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