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Summer with Vivre Active Wear



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I must admit that I haven’t been that active in keeping a good work out routine. Phasing myself out from those regular cheerleading and gymnastics trainings back in school, yoga and pilates has been my favourite exercise to-go. Maybe age is catching up, but these exercises are extremely rejuvenating but yet packed with a punch.I love keeping an updated wardrobe of exercise apparel because it gives me some motivation to get to it and work out. To me, exercising is a lot about feeling good about yourself.It always feels great to don on nicely fitted sports attire and look yourself in the gym mirror, acknowledging all the “nook and crannies” of your own body.






I’ve found an awesome source to provide me quality yoga apparel at extremely affordable prices– Vivre Active Wear. This local start up sells apparel designed from scratch by a Singaporean yoga enthusiast. There’s no doubt that the top is comfortable, stretchy (allowing a good flow of movement), and yet snugly fit to my body. It comes with a built-in bra with sufficient support and an excellent fitting. The side-string shorts was of supreme quality as well. I didn’t have to feel insecure about it riding up while jumping about and doing my stretches.

Vivre Activewear’s latest collection kicks is so apt for the summer. I am absolutely loving the side string shorts that comes in other fun colours such as coral pink and lemon lime! Imagine injecting a splash of neons into your yoga ensemble?

Do lend your support to this local activewear label by checking out their WebsiteFacebook, andInstagram for launch of the latest collections!

From now till 20 August, simply enter coupon code “mc10dcc” to be entitled a 10% discount upon checking out!

Apparel on me: Inter-cross Tank ($46), Side-String Shorts ($46). Photography by Multifolds

Love, Mel

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