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In Singapore, it is not easy to find affordable yoga/workout apparel. The price range for most yoga clothes is from $70 onwards. As a struggling college student who is still saving up for my own yoga teacher training, it is almost impossible and infeasible for me to buy new yoga clothes on a regular basis.

Which is why I was really happy when I found out that there is a local activewear label in Singapore, called Vivre Activewear. Vivre Activewear is a local start-up by a yoga enthusiast who seeks to bring affordable and beautiful yoga clothing to yogis in Singapore and all over the world! I’ve had the opportunity to try out Vivre Activewear’s Inter-Cross Tank TopToga-Inspired Tank Top, and Vaporizer Yoga Towel, and it really makes me happy to know that there is a high quality, affordable, and beautiful yoga apparel label right here in Singapore.

Vaporizer Yoga Towel w Pocket (S$35.00)

First impressions

I was very pleasantly surprised when I first took out the yoga towel from the packaging. Not only is it in my favourite colour, the material is really soft, comfortable, and lightweight. This yoga towel can also double up as a regular towel even when you are not taking hot classes. The pocket is also extremely useful, where I can place my locker keys or valuables in the towel without having to worry about leaving them behind after a yoga practice. It is a very thoughtful feature that made a whole lot of difference.

When the yoga tops came, I was impressed with the sturdy and stretchy material, which is definitely comparable to the more expensive and branded yoga tops that I own. Most importantly, I loved the designs! The pink inter-cross tank top was cute, even though I don’t normally wear pink, and the black toga-inspired tank top got me really excited about wearing it to yoga the next day.

In Toga-Inspired Tank Top (S$40.00)

What I love about them

The yoga towel has great grip, and finally I wasn’t busy trying to adjust my regular towel in the middle of my practice. It really allowed me to focus on my practice fully and I did not have to worry about the towel shifting or worry about sliding around the mat in the middle of asanas. I can also use it to wrap myself in it after yoga class, and the beautiful colour instantly puts me in a good mood.

I have worn both tops to hot and regular yoga classes, and the tops are extremely functional in both types of classes. The tops fit very snugly to my body, and almost felt like second skin. They are extremely comfortable, stylish, and because of the in-built bra, they are already becoming one of my favourite pieces to wear to class simply because of its comfort, design, and convenience.

They have just launched these two tops in June, so check out the beautiful yoga clothing below:

In Inter-Cross Tank Top (S$42.00)

Check out their website here, and get some summer yoga clothes for some summer loving!

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