First Try on Kapotasana

I’ve always thought people should be satisfied with what they have. Forcing yourself out of the comfort zone might not be the best idea in all aspects of life. In yoga practices too, I’ve told myself there is no need to get into a pose and risk breaking my arms or neck. But time and time again, with proper practices, it just comes naturally. I’m glad yoga made me realize how far a human can stretch and how strong we can be (literally and mentally).

So after seeing many yogis sharing about their Kapotasana, I finally got to try it today during Hatha 2 class. Most of the online tutorials teaches us to drop back down from camel pose (as seen below), which I find it a little hard and intimidating for yogis trying this pose for the first time.

Shape Collage

Above picture extracted from Shape Magazine

Am very glad the teacher taught us this variation and I did my very first Kapotasana!

1) Sit in Vajrasana (kneeling pose) with your butt seated in-between the legs and touching the floor.

2) Slowly make your way down to lying on the mat (butt and legs still in the same position).

3) Place support on the top of your head to the floor (still engaging your back strength), slowly push yourself up a little using the palms.

4) With your back strength and head supporting, slowing move your hands towards the feet to grab hold of them.

5) Come out of the pose by slowly pushing yourself up into the kneeling position again.


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I personally find this a safe transition for first timers trying to get into Kapotasana because you are already lying on the floor and are simply pushing yourself up (much more control than moving down from camel).

*This is my personal take on the pose. I am not a certified yoga instructor, but am sharing this because online tutorials don’t seem to show it. Try it at your own pace and risk. ;)

*If you have any comments or advice that I might be doing it wrong, do leave a comment below. Thanks!

– Sylvia, Vivre Active