Fun Couple Stretching for Everyone!

Here are 5 easy yoga poses we’ve consolidated to warm you and your partner up for Valentines!

Be easy and forgiving if your partner couldn’t do certain poses. Instead, focus on strengthening  the bond and connection while having fun together.



1) Meditate


Benefit: Couple meditation allows you and your partner to be engaged in a deeper connection. Spend 10 minutes a day to reflect on any conflicts, attitudes, and most importantly learn to be thankful.

How: Seat cross legged, back to back with your partner, and align your spine together. Take slow and deep breaths as you try to match the pace of your partner. Connect your thoughts and breathing for five to ten minutes.


2) Chair Pose


Benefit: This position helps to lengthen the spine, strengthen the feet, ankles, calves, knees, buttocks, and thighs.

How: Stand facing each other, with feet hip-width distance apart. Cross your hands and hold on to the wrist of your partner. With the support and pulling of your partner, lower yourself to the chair post and hold for 30 seconds-1 minute while you continue to inhale and exhale. For a variation, try doing it tip-toe.

3) Wide-Leg Forward Bending


Benefits: Besides lengthening and strengthening your backs. This pose also improves digestion, circulation, relieves headache and symptoms of sinusitis.

How: Step your legs wide apart with feet parallel. Inhale when standing to extend your pelvis up, exhale to bend forward and place your hands on the floor. It does not matter if you head cannot touch the floor. Continue for 2-3 breaths as you lengthen to pull your partners’ arms closer.


4) Standing Back Bend


Benefit: Increases lung capacity, stretches the torso, and lifts the spirit.

How: Inhale while standing up, exhale to drop the back and head down, hold for 2-3 breaths, inhale as you come up.


5) Spinal Twist


Benefits: This pose injects a healthy afflux of blood to the abdominal organs as well as the spine. These are good if you suffer from back, liver, intestine, pancreas, or constipation problem.

How: Sit cross legged in front of each other, inhale to lengthen your spine, exhale to twist, hold for 2-3 breaths and switch direction. Have fun together figuring the hands position of this pose!



Hope you had some fun deepening your poses and relationship! Namaste.