Sportswear to be Given Away

Hi! Vivre is looking for an non-profit organization who will like to accept our rejected goods. To be fair, these goods are not exactly defective to that extend that it can’t be wore. They are still decent sportswear but just not up to the standard for Vivre to sell them.


Looking happy because I have decided to part with this bunch of clothes which has been taking too much space in my closet. Whenever I receive goods that are not up to standard, it is really demoralizing but I would take it as a good lesson learnt.

Along the way, I’ve changed so many suppliers just to deliver the best goods to you!


Yup, we have 100 pieces each of the above to be given away.

Reasons for rejected goods:

Red tank: material is not soft and stretchy enough

Inner Layer Sports Bra: Sewed wrongly inside our flow tank, and we had to cut them all out

Yoga Pants: wrong material used, and thus not stretchy enough (the ones for sale on the website is of similar design but a whole lot different in quality)


Should you have any contacts that would love to receive sports wear in S, M, and L sizes, do contact us at [email protected] If there is no recommendations within a week, we will probably be approaching salvation army or SCWO.

Cheers! :)

We’ve managed to get a few queries on this bulk of rejected goods, and decided to pass it to Ms Alisha (a Filipino married to SG). She had asked if these clothes can be transported to her community of people in Palupaon, who are also the victims of Philippines’ Typhoon.

After asking several questions, we gave her the faith that she will help to arrange the transport over as promised. We were told the clothes will take about 1.5 months before the goods will reach them. Her sister will be there to receive the goods and probably send as a few photos.

Rejected Goods 1

Rejected Goods

Thank you Ms Alisha!