Healthy Snacking with Boxgreen

We know how active your lifestyle can get. Sometimes you don’t have enough time for a full meal, or there’s that occasional mid-day hunger pang that hits you in the office. That’s why we’ve paired up with BoxGreen to bring you some nutritious snacks!

Feeling peckish? BoxGreen has got your back (;


Recently, we got the chance to try a few flavours – Salted Caramel Sun Seeds, Shitake Mushroom Chips, Soy Bean Crisps and Mocha Almonds!

Initially, we thought each portion was a little small. As we snacked on, we realized that the allocated portion was enough to fulfil the crave to munch! The snacks were fresh-tasting and full of flavor – BoxGreen sure knows how to tantalize your taste buds (;

With constant reviews by their nutritionist, BoxGreen is all about delivering perfect portions of nibbles that taste great, but without the guilt. For every box purchased, BoxGreen donates a meal to the needy as well!

We are happy to announce that Vivre Activewear is now a friend of BoxGreen! Enter the code “VIVRESNACKS” to get 20% off your order today!


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