How to Prevent Your Yoga Towel from Slipping

Vivre’s yoga towels and mats just got their well-deserved photoshoot by Wayne, and are now proudly listed on our website for sale.

Halfway through the shoot, we had an impromptu idea to do a step by step guide on how to utilize yoga towels. I’ve read online about bad reviews on various yoga towels slipping off their mats. However, if others are using the same brand with no problem, here might be a useful guide for you!

How to use your Vivre Microfiber Yoga Towel

Step 1

Lay the towel over your mat. Either side of the towel works.

Step 3Step 4

Sprinkle the towel with water to dampen before use. This will enhance the slip resistant quality before you start contributing sweat on it.

Step 5Step 6

Try doing a downward facing dog to make sure the towel stays in place. Start your yoga practice!

Step 7


How to wash your Vivre Vaporizer Yoga Towel

Wash it separately for the first 2-3 washes to prevent the dye from bleeding onto your clothes.

It is recommended to dry them under the sun, or tumble dry in low setting.


Why choose Vivre’s Vaporizer Yoga Towel?

It is priced to be more affordable ($34) than others ($60-$75), comes in 3 pretty colours, does not compromise in quality, and is delivered to your doorstep.



You can read from my previous post here about about the functions of having a yoga towel. I’m loving my orange towel with grey lining too much it is like I’ve got a new trusted partner during practices. If you are someone who attend hot classes, I strongly recommend you to try them out!